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  • Biological and Chemical Sciences Department

    Be a part of innovative research. As a student in the Biological and Chemical Sciences department, you will have a personalized learning experience with small class sizes and dedicated faculty who are committed to teaching. The department emphasizes hands-on learning in the labs and offers all students the opportunity to do one-on-one research with a faculty member. Students are able to pursue their passions, prepare for graduate school and most importantly — make a difference in the world.

    Majors & Programs:

    Environmental Science

  • Communication, Sound and Media Arts Department

    Find your voice and expand your imagination through creative media. Be it with journalism, broadcasting, graphic design, audio recording or game design, hands-on learning is what drives this department. As a student in Communication, Sound and Media Arts you will have the chance to explore the many aspects of technology that enhance our ability to hear, see and communicate in an ever-expansive world. Our professors are scholars and practitioners who have studied and presented around the globe and bring their unique perspectives to the classroom. You will also have unparalleled access to internship and career opportunities at New York City’s top media brands, record companies, museums, art studios, performing art centers, acoustic firms and professional publications.

    Majors & Programs:

    Digital Media Art
    Game Design and Production
    Sound Studies
    Music (minor only)

  • Computer Science Department

    Whether you’re interested in protecting data or harnessing its power, you’re in the right place. The department of Computer Science is committed to educating the next generation of leaders in computing and related fields. The department creates an environment for you to learn how to design algorithms, utilize them in software using the most popular programming languages and how computer science solutions are used in various applications. Students within the department engage in theoretical foundations, spending time in the computer labs under supervision and guidance of faculty, and gain hands-on learning through software design projects, which culminate in a senior capstone design. The department is unique in that it prepares students for work in nearly any computer-related field, in a variety of industries, with the flexibility of pursuing a foundation in the sciences or arts.

    Majors & Programs:

    Computer Science
    Computer Science M.S.
    Computer Science 5-Year Program
    Game Design and Production

  • Education Department

    Distinguished by the strength of the teacher education curriculum, the faculty’s individual mentorship and instruction, and the clinical experiences, the education department prepares its students to make a difference and excel as committed educators. The Education department remains true to the Lasallian heritage to educate the whole individual and to prepare each student for the life of an educator: as a leader and a productive global citizen.

    Majors & Programs:

    Adolescent Education
    Childhood Education
    Adolescent/Students with Disabilities (7-12), 5 Year B.S./M.S. ED
    Childhood/Special Education (Grades 1-6), 5 Year B.S./M.S. ED

  • English, World Languages and Literatures Department

    Learn to use words to change the world for the better. Build a well-rounded liberal arts foundation and a broad literary background in English, literatures and contemporary fields. You are encouraged to participate in study abroad for a semester or a summer term. Manhattan College partners with several educational networks, allowing you to choose from hundreds of study abroad locations worldwide. By joining the English, World Languages and Literatures department, you will join a community of scholars and alumni that quite literally spans the world, as well as some of the most exciting professions it has to offer.

    Majors & Programs:

    English for Business

  • History, Political Studies and International Studies Department

    Embark on an enriching journey through the past to make society stronger in the future. Our expert faculty are the driving force of this department. They are published scholars in their respective fields, and many are also highly active in top political organizations and agencies in New York City, including the United Nations. Research and hands-on learning are important parts of the experience as a history, political science or international studies student. By employing a variety of perspectives, we prepare students to meet the challenges of an increasingly global marketplace and increase their chances of achieving their goals.

    Majors & Programs:

    International Studies

    Political Science

  • Kinesiology Department

    Emphasizing the positive impact of physical activity on health, society, and quality of life, the mission of the Department of Kinesiology is to create and disseminate knowledge, engage in community service, and prepare caring and competent exercise science, physical education teaching, and public health professionals. The Department of Kinesiology provides an excellent learning environment through a breadth of content knowledge, attention to high impact practices, faculty engagement, research opportunities, internships, and professional involvement.

    Majors & Programs:

    Exercise Science
    Physical Education
    Public Health

  • Mathematics and Physics Department

    Discover how the universe works, learn the language for communicating your discoveries, and apply your knowledge to the human world. The Mathematics and Physics department features a collegial and supportive learning environment, small class sizes, and hands-on research experiences. Students conduct cutting-edge research with faculty on campus and at laboratories around the globe.

    Majors & Programs:


  • Organizational Leadership Department

    Tomorrow’s leaders are built inside the Organizational Leadership department. Our programs provide an educational experience for those seeking to advance their careers and fulfill their personal goals. Our faculty are established professionals in consulting, business communication and coaching and workforce development. All are highly skilled adult educators bringing real and relevant experience to the classroom. Our courses cater to professional students’ needs, providing opportunities for real-world experiences, professional cohorts, online and hybrid models, flexible class schedules, self-paced learning and accelerated program completion.

    Majors & Programs:

    Organizational Leadership
    Organizational Leadership, M.S.

  • Radiation Therapy Technology Department

    Advancements in imaging and treatments have never been more promising. The Radiation Therapy Technology department is designed for students with an interest in science and medicine and a desire to help people. The profession involves patient contact and the utilization of state-of-the-art medical procedures and technology. To support students in advancing their careers, the program curriculum includes a concentration in healthcare administration designed to develop ethical and management skills specific to the field.

    Majors & Programs:

    Radiation Therapy Technology

  • Religion and Philosophy Department

    Investigate life’s biggest questions. As a student in the department, you will develop an interdisciplinary and complete understanding of issues pertaining to peace, philosophy and justice. Philosophy is a skill, practice and set of tools for reflecting about our thinking and building awareness of the ignorances and injustices that shape our world. In addition, you will receive rigorous training in critical thinking, research and practical peacebuilding skills, and gain hands-on learning in the form of internships and community-engaged courses.

    Majors & Programs:

    Peace and Justice Studies

  • Social and Behavioral Sciences Department

    Studying societal relations is at the core of what we do. The Department is rooted in a wellness model, promoting lifelong health and well-being through the training of a variety of mental health professionals. By offering programs such as counseling, psychology and criminology, we develop a student’s spirit and mind for transformative careers in the behavioral science realm. Our professors promote excellence in scholarship and teaching, respect for individual dignity and a commitment to social justice through hands-on service.

    Majors & Programs:

    Marriage and Family Therapy, M.S.
    Mental Health Counseling, M.S.
    School Counseling, M.A.