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Organizational Leadership M.S. - Accelerated Online

The fully online track of our organizational leadership master's program helps professionals advance, in a way that is convenient for them. Graduates of this program have excelled in human resources, health services, general and project management, and many other fields.

Why Choose our Online Organizational Leadership Track?

The demand continues to grow for compassionate, strong leaders who inspire others. 

The 100% online organizational leadership program track prepares you for your next step professionally in a way that is collaborative and accommodates your busy schedule. As a student, you will learn from faculty who are influencers in thier respective industries, and have mastered the skills you'll need to achieve your goals. 

This master’s degree in leadership allows students to specialize in one of the four-degree tracks:

  • Human Resources
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Public Service
  • E-learning and Training
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Professors expanded the classes beyond the course content and integrated elements that aligned with the student's values, interests, and attitudes, while leveraging personal and professional experiences.

Curtis Thompson '22, Section Manager-Gas Operations Quality Control at Con Edison

Build Leadership Skills on Your Time 

The online master's degree in organizational leadership includes faculty and students many professional backgrounds and business sectors. Graduates of this program have excelled in project management, human resources, the nonprofit sector and health services. In this program, you'll come away with a skillset that is transferrable to these and many other industries. 

Be prepared to take classes designed to help you grow in the following areas: 

  • Conflict management 
  • Decision making 
  • Ethics
  • Problem solving
  • Strategic planning 
  • Team-building

Find Learning That Matches Your Lifestyle

The fully online organizational leadership master's program is delivered 100% online, with students learning both asynchronously and synchronously. This fully online track is ideal for students aiming to complete their degree at an accelerated pace, as courses are taught synchronously and asynchronously and allow students to learn wherever they are, and on their own time.

  • Discover Professional Opportunities

    internship nyc
    Our Organizational Leadership master's program guides you in developing a personal leadership brand that works with your style, skillset, and priorities.
  • Join an Enthusiastic Community

    You're rising in your career and know this — you don't want to be just a good leader; you want to be a great leader who inspires others and makes a positive impact in your workplace. Who better to learn from than classmates who want to achieve the same goal, and the faculty who have achieved this exact status. This deepens the educational experience in the School of Continuing and Professional Studies for everyone who earns our master's degree in organizational leadership. 
  • Admission Requirements

    Applicants to this program must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution, along with an undergraduate cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.75 on a 4.00 scale. In addition, a demonstrated ability to study organizational leadership at the graduate level is considered.

    Admission Requirements

  • Program Requirements

    The Master of Science in organizational leadership requires 30 credit hours of coursework.

    See Program Degree Requirements

  • Browse Department Faculty

    students sitting in MSOL classroom

    Courses in this program are taught by skilled professionals who are prominent throughout law, business, healthcare and other fields. Professors have developed research and teach courses focused on conflict management, public speaking, underrepresented populations, and many other areas. Our faculty were born to lead and are eager to share their skills with you.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What other students are asking about the Master's of Science in Organizational Leadership: 

    • How long will it take me to complete this program?
      With the MSOL accelerated program curriculum, students can finish the program within 1.5 years, which includes the fall and spring semesters, and summer coursework.
    • Can I complete this program partially in person?
      Yes, this program has two tracks: online and blended. The online track is 100% online with students working asynchronously and synchronously. The blended track adds on-site, real-time classroom instruction with asynchronous and synchronous activities and assignments
    • What can I expect to learn in this program?
      You will study various concepts in diverse areas of leadership, including conflict management, organizational change and ethics, strategic planning, and corporate communications, taught by established professionals working in consulting, business communication and coaching, and workforce development. The program culminates in a final capstone project, where students work with real-world organizations and corporations to develop implementable solutions for actual business problems.
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