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MBA - Accelerated Online

A master of business administration (MBA) degree is the internationally recognized standard for leadership and management. With this online program, you’ll be on track to earn your MBA and take the next step in becoming the leader you want to be.

The College's online MBA program can be completed either full time or part time, for maximum flexibility. Classes in this AASCB-accredited MBA are taught by the same expert professors and offer the same challenging content as our in-person program.

Accelerated online MBA classes are scheduled in intensive, seven-week modules that are available twice per semester in successive sessions (Part I and Part II). 

Flexible, Effective Learning

As a student in our AACSB-accredited MBA program, you may choose a specific four-course concentration in Finance and Economics. You may also choose the FlexMBA option, which allows you a choice of four online courses selected from any of the MBA concentrations:

  • MBA: Online Courses Available

    For this 12-course, 36-credit program, the available online MBA courses are:

    COURSE Name credits Earned
    MBA 617: Decision Modeling with Spreadsheets 3
    MBA 618: Financial Management 3
    MBA 630: Accounting for Business Decision Making 3
    MBA 635: Managerial Economics 3
    MBA 637: Marketing Strategy & The Consumer Experience 3
    MBA 710: Professional Ethics 3

    The capstone class:

    MBA 622: Leadership and Organizational Behavior

    Concentration Classes

    Business Analytics CREDITS earned
    MBA 611: Advanced Data Analysis 3
    MBA 615: Computing in R 3
    MBA 646: Project Management 3
    Finance & Economics CREDITS earned
    MBA 616: Stock Market and Corporate Valuation 3
    MBA 626: Environmental Economics and Policy 3
    MBA 638: Market, States and Policies in the Global Economy 3
    MBA 639: Corporate Finance
    Organizations, Markets and Sustainability CREDITS earned
    MBA 624: Going Global: Business and Society 3
    MBA 636: Supply Chain Analysis 3
    MBA 720: Advanced Strategic Management 3

What Will You Learn? 

As an online MBA student, you will: 

  • Apply cutting-edge business skills from faculty with business experience who are experts in their fields
  • Develop a network of relationships with other students and access to Manhattan College alumni professionals
  • Learn data analytics models and how analytical decision-making can enhance your marketability
  • Develop an understanding of leadership, ethical behavior, social justice and corporate responsibility
  • Explore potential hands-on research with faculty related to your studies
  • Have professional development opportunities, including internships

Interested in completing your MBA fully online? For any questions about applying to this program, please contact the office of Graduate Admissions at

Admissions Requirements

Review the requirements and application process for this graduate program.

What Will You Do?

Graduates of Manhattan College's MBA program lead in all professional industries. 

Our graduates have worked at: