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The O’Malley School of Business

A Solid Foundation

AACSB logoThe O'Malley School of Business prepares students for rewarding and exceptional careers. Our curriculum combines modern business theory with immersive, real-world practice, providing the skills you need to creatively solve the challenges of tomorrow. The program is rooted in the Lasallian principles of excellence in teaching, ethical conduct and commitment to social justice. As one of only nine AACSB-accredited business schools in New York City, our students are sought after by many top companies, across a broad spectrum of industries. 

Real-World Skills

Our largest classroom offers seating for more than 8 million people — it’s also known as New York City. We believe experiential learning plays an important role in business education. From internships, to research, to business plan projects, our degree programs offer a myriad of opportunities for students to put words and ideas into practice. This way, you graduate from Manhattan College with desirable real-world skills, making you career-ready and able to hit the ground running.

Undergraduate Learning Goals

1a. Communicate effectively through writing 

1b. Communicate effectively through oral presentations

2a. Demonstrate global learning  

2b. Demonstrate intercultural awareness  

  1. Employ quantitative skills in problem-solving to support decision-making 

4a. Understand how to incorporate ethics into business practices  

4b. Demonstrate an awareness of social justice issues in business 

  1.  Demonstrate ability to think critically by analyzing business situations and recommending appropriate actions  

MBA Learning Goals

  1. Gain experience in analytical decision-making
  2. Develop leadership skills and capabilities
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of ethical issues in business 
  4. Demonstrate competency in a concentration