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In The O’Malley School of Business we seek to prepare students from diverse backgrounds for the challenges they will face as business and community leaders. The faculty as teachers, scholars and mentors help foster the development of the whole person by integrating a values-based education with current business theory, skills and practices.

  • Accounting, Business Analytics, CIS & Law Department

    Manhattan College
    The Accounting, Business Analytics, CIS and Law Department emphasizes practical career preparation through internships and hands-on learning. It offers three distinct majors and minors, as well as courses in business law required for all School of Business students.
  • Economics & Finance Department

    Manhattan College

    The Economics and Finance Department gives students the chance to work on research with professors in preparation for graduate school, or land a hands-on internship in one of the world's greatest financial centers: New York City. The department offers two distinct majors and minors, plus three concentrations in economics. 

  • Management & Marketing Department

    Manhattan College
    As a student in this department, you are encouraged and supported by faculty to follow your passions by taking on an internship, pursuing a research project, or even launching your own business. The Management and Marketing Department offers two distinct majors and three minors, including a minor in Global Business Studies, that are open to School of Business students.