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Student Competitions

There are several opportunities within the O'Malley School of Business for students to test their knowledge both nationally and at the College level.

  • Business Analytics Competition

    Female student standing in front of poster at Business Analytics Competition.

    Every spring, the Business Analytics Competition & Conference at Manhattan College (BAC@MC) presents an exciting opportunity for undergraduate students studying business analytics or a related field to test their knowledge, learn decision-making skills, and hone the ability to draw business insight from a comprehensive analysis of relevant data. 

  • Fed Challenge

    Federal Reserve Challenge
    The College Fed Challenge is a national academic competition hosted annually by the Federal Reserve Bank. Students across the country analyze the current state of the U.S. economy and make a recommendation for future monetary policy actions to a panel of judges who work at the Federal Reserve Bank.
  • Entrepreneurs at MC

    students presenting at the 2022 Innovation Challenege
    Entrepreneurs at Manhattan College (E@MC) provides students a head start in turning their ideas into tangible businesses. E@MC integrates academics with experiential learning to foster innovation and student entrepreneurship.
  • Innovation Challenge

    Innovation Challenge
    This College-wide competition inspires students to creatively develop an idea for an exciting and practical product or service. The competition is open to students of all academic disciplines, who are encouraged to team up with each other if it might help their innovation.