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Entrepreneurs at MC

This program empowers students to think entrepreneurially, and provides them with the tools to succeed professionally.

2022-innovation-challenge.jpgEntrepreneurs at Manhattan College (E@MC) provides students a head start in turning their ideas into tangible businesses. E@MC integrates academics with experiential learning to foster innovation and student entrepreneurship.

E@MC builds on the College’s highly recognized O’Malley School of Business and School of Engineering to create an ecosystem for student entrepreneurs and their ideas to flourish. Our mission is to create a collaborative environment of diverse yet like-minded students across campus to cultivate new relationships, innovations and business ideas by harnessing the intellectual capital of our students, faculty, alumni, and professional mentors to take their business ideas from local to global.

Our approach to entrepreneurship is a combination of exploring and understanding of culture and the world combining it with a rigorous academic curriculum coupled with the wisdom of practicing entrepreneurs. We create a dynamic collaboration between Manhattan’s schools of business and engineering, combining business expertise in product markets, financial modeling, and strategic management with engineering expertise in design, functionality, and implementation to better equip student startups for success. We also draw on the expertise of Manhattan’s extensive network of alumni for program execution and mentoring.

2024 Innovation Challenge

The Innovation Challenge encourages students to creatively generate an idea for an exciting and practical product or service. The competition is open to Manhattan College students of all academic disciplines, who are encouraged to team up with each other if doing so enhances their innovation.
  • Battle of the Bronx

    Screenshot-2022-08-23-8.11.40-PM.pngThe Battle of the Bronx (#BOTB) competition is a Shark Tank-like business plan pitch competition created in partnership with the O’Malley School of Business (OMSB) and Fordham University's Fordham Foundry to highlight student entrepreneurship within the Bronx. This entrepreneurial experience provides students with an opportunity to fine tune their business ideas and pitches with insights from industry experts.

    The Battle of the Bronx competition (which will be held in April of 2023) showcases three Manhattan College student groups from the E@MC Innovation Challenge against three Fordham University entrepreneurship teams in a five-minute pitch to entrepreneur judges/investors for $10,000 in cash awards to run their businesses (and bragging rights).

    The competition is open to Manhattan College students of all academic disciplines who participated in the Innovation Challenge.

  • E@MC Initiatives
    The following entrepreneurial programs are designed for students who have a curiosity about entrepreneurship and want to learn more. These programs support entrepreneurial thinking and skill development for Manhattan College students of all academic disciplines.
    • Startup Bootcamp
      This short, intensive workshop provides students an overview into the life cycle of building a startup. The bootcamp will take place during the spring 2023 semester. More information will become available as we get closer to the event.
    • Weekly Startup Roundtable Discussions
      These "lunch-time" chats discuss current startup news and relevant topics to provide students insight into the startup ecosystem. These lunch-time discussions will kick-off in October of 2022. More information will become available as we get closer to the event.
    • Entrepreneur Speaker Series

      This interview-meets-education series provides students an inside look on how creative founders and their teams are growing their businesses and building the future. The speaker series will kick off in October of 2023. More information will become available as we get closer to the event.

      Previous Speakers

      • Purcell Dugger (Founder, FitForUs)
      • Jamian Polk (1921 Ventures)
      • Richie Cruz (General Manager, The Robot Company
      • Mel Peralta (Co-founder, Stadium Status)