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Research projects are encouraged and we have several programs to support student research.

Research experience can help you define your career goals as well as forge long-lasting professional relationships with faculty members. Opportunities range from collaborating with faculty members on case studies, to business consulting projects, to analyzing data for a journal or conference publication. Manhattan College offers several research programs:

  • Jasper Summer Research Scholars: a competitive program that funds student research during the summer.
  • Summer Fellows: a fellowship that is awarded to one star School of Business student a year. This competitive program supports big dreams by helping students connect their academics with experiential learning opportunities.

Past student research topics have included:

  • For the Game. For the World. For the Economy?: The Sports Economics of FIFA World Cups
  • Sex and Candy: The Influence of Sexual Content and Consumer Trait Perceptions on Ad Evaluations
  • The Correlation Between Sports and Entrepreneurial Success