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Life at Manhattan

Getting Involved

What you choose to study is one part of your story at Manhattan. How you get involved on campus is another. Our Lasallian community is made up of people from all backgrounds and experiences who come to Manhattan College with different ideas and interests. The best way to experience it all and find your niche is to join a club, volunteer for a service opportunity or attend an event on campus.

Living on Campus

Living on campus gives you the full Jasper experience, from spending sunny afternoons studying on the Quad with your roommates, to grabbing a late-night bite to eat in Locke’s Loft after a basketball game at Draddy Gym. Our campus is classically beautiful and truly unique; it offers a slice of serenity just a subway ride away from the excitement of midtown Manhattan.

Finding Support

College is a journey best experienced with others. We welcome students of all backgrounds, lifestyles and experiences into our inclusive, open-minded campus community. Our student Fitness Center is a great place to hone a healthy lifestyle, and the Health Services Office and Counseling Center provide confidential services and support to keep you feeling your best. Manhattan’s campus is secured 24/7 by Public Safety officers who are committed to the care and wellbeing of all students.
I’ve been blessed to meet people from all over the world at Manhattan College. Such a diverse institution fosters relationships based on understanding.

Abdias Myrtil ’16 School of Business

Our Community