Academic Support Services

At Manhattan College, you can succeed. We're here to help. You will have access to a range of supportive services, whether you want homework help, have a disability, or simply need to develop better study skills.

Center for Academic Success

student studying in the libraryOur Center for Academic Success (CAS) is here to help you thrive in your classes and establish lifelong learning habits. We do this by providing a range of services from individual tutoring and study groups to writing workshops and academic coaching. All of our services are available free of charge and offered at various times to fit into your schedule.


We offer one-on-one individual tutoring sessions for specific courses and topics. Our tutors receive ongoing training and are certified through the College Reading and Learning Association.

For traditionally difficult undergraduate courses, like chemistry, physics, mathematics and engineering, we offer a supplemental instruction program where you can get additional instruction on challenging topics. An upperclassman who received an A in that course attends each of the classes with you and then runs weekly study sessions for anyone in the class who wants to attend. 

Writing Assistance

Get one-on-one help with writing papers at our Writing Center. Our trained tutors can help writers at all skill levels with papers at any stage of the writing process — from brainstorming through final editing.

We can help you:

  • Define an appropriate topic
  • Develop research strategies
  • Analyze drafts for strengths and weaknesses
  • Make revisions and edits

More Information

Visit the Inside Manhattan website for details about tutoring services and how current Manhattan College students can make an appointment.


Specialized Resource Center

The Specialized Resource Center (SRC) provides disability services for all students with special needs including individuals with a temporary disability, such as those resulting from injury or surgery. There is no fee for SRC services, but you need to provide appropriate documentation. Use of services is voluntary and strictly confidential.

Services we can help you with include (but are not limited to):

  • Priority classroom seating
  • Alternative testing environments
  • Assistance from readers, note-takers and scribes
  • Access to adaptive technology: electronic spell checkers, word processors, tape recorders, calculators and print enlargers
  • Requests for specialized housing arrangements

More Information

Visit the Inside Manhattan website for details about SRC policies and how current Manhattan College students can request services.

Specialized Resource Center website  

Opportunity Programs 

We offer two special programs for residents of New York State that are integral to our Lasallian mission to provide education for all.

Higher Education Opportunity Program 

students working togetherHigher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP), we provide specialized services to New York State residents who meet specific academic and financial criteria. If you are attending Manhattan College as part of the HEOP program, you will have access to supplementary instruction as well as a variety of counseling services to help you succeed in your classes as well as in your personal and professional life. Support services available to HEOP students include:

  • Tutorial services that are conducted on a one-on-one basis, or in groups, depending upon your needs
  • Study skills workshop designed to assist you in time management, test-taking, note-taking, reading and writing skills
  • Counseling services that will assist you with your academic, personal and career needs

Collegiate Science & Technology Entry Program 

The Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (CSTEP) is a New York State-funded program with the purpose of providing extra support and resources to historically underrepresented students in School of Science that are pursuing science, technology and health-related careers. CSTEP starts with a summer bridge course, and continues throughout undergraduate studies.

At Manhattan College, our goal is to provide individual support to each student we work with so that he or she can reach their full potential. We pride ourselves on small classroom sizes where we can get to know students; CSTEP aims to take this priority one step further in offering individual, tailored support and small group sessions.

As a member of CSTEP, you will have access to a stack of additional resources, including:

  • A pre-freshman summer bridge program that will prepare you to transition into your first semester and succeed in your undergraduate programs
  • Comprehensive tutoring for classes that you need some extra help with
  • Facilitated study groups led by a qualified tutor who has taken the class
  • A financial stipend during the semester (approximately $350 per year)
  • Access to a personal computer that you get to keep while in the program