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Schools & Departments

  • The O'Malley School of Business

    The O'Malley School of Business
    The O’Malley School of Business provides an intimate classroom environment with all the opportunities of New York City — a global hub for finance, fashion, marketing and technology. It offers seven distinct majors, eight distinct minors, and an MBA program. With an emphasis on professional preparation, students engage in a range of top-notch internships.
  • School of Education & Health

    students in class

    The School of Education and Health offers undergraduate programs in education, kinesiology and health professions, as well as graduate programs in special education, counseling, school leadership and instructional design. 

  • School of Engineering

    students in soil lab

    In the School of Engineering, students begin with the basics and progress through a varied and advanced engineering curriculum by solving real problems in the labs using professional equipment and technology. 

  • School of Liberal Arts

    Manhattan College
    Our most diverse school, the School of Liberal Arts encompasses 29 majors and minors through 16 departments and interdisciplinary programs that span a wide range of liberal arts studies.
  • The Kakos School of Science

    Student in chemistry lab.
    The Kakos School of Science places emphasis on providing undergraduate students with close collaborative experiences with faculty, meaningful research and hands-on internship opportunities.
  • School of Continuing & Professional Studies

    Manhattan College

    The School Continuing and Professional Studies offers degree programs designed specifically for adult learners. These accelerated, cohort-based programs include both in-person classes and online lessons to maximize flexibility.