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Undergraduate Admissions

Start Your Manhattan College Story

Our students come to Manhattan from all walks of life. What connects them is their decision to make a smart investment in the future. Manhattan College pairs personalized education with big-city opportunity. We are consistently ranked as a college that provides the best return on your investment. Simply put, our graduates are succeeding. Start a new chapter in your story within a Lasallian Catholic community of friends, faculty and staff who know your name and want you to succeed.


The World’s Greatest Classroom: New York City 

Manhattan College is a tight-knit community that offers the diversity of programs you might find at a large university. With a 12:1 student-to-faculty ratio and a catalog of courses that use New York City as a classroom, your education is personal, hands-on and deeply enriching. The Jasper curriculum is built on a strong liberal arts foundation that drives our students to land internships and jobs at Fortune 500 companies and conduct research that makes a real impact in the world.
Patrick Estanbouli
The students and faculty here interact like family. My friends and I discuss issues from class and how we can enact what we've learned to make a difference in the real world.

Patrick Estanbouli ’18 Communication & Psychology Double Major

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