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Return on Investment

ROI. When it comes to paying for college, those three little letters make all the difference. Attending Manhattan College is one of the best educational investments you can make. Our alumni are not only making money, but making the world a better place.

Manhattan was once referred to as "The Best Kept Secret in New York City." Today, the secret's out — Manhattan College is nationally recognized as a top school in preparing its graduates for successful careers at international companies like IBM, Google, JP Morgan and Wells Fargo. In fact, less than a year after graduating, on average 90% of alumni report that they are employed or in graduate school. On top of that, Manhattan College is exceeding expected results in areas like starting salaries and mid-career earnings, warranting a "value-added" label from institutions like Forbes, Brookings and Payscale. 

Less quantifiable characteristics like administration and teaching quality, student ambition and alumni networks are contributing to our rankings, proving that a strong community and bonds that go beyond the classroom make a real difference. 

By becoming a Jasper, you're making a smart decision to invest in your future, both financially and intellectually. You're also becoming part of a special Lasallian community that sees the bigger picture and contributes to society in a positive way. Now that's a return on real life.  


  • MONEY magazine lists us at the #1 most transformative college in the country, saying we have a proven ability to change the lives of our students.
  • Brookings rates us 9th out of more than 7,000 two- and four-year schools in an analysis that examined how well schools prepare students for successful careers.
  • Payscale rates in the top 4% nationwide on its 2018 College Return on Investment (ROI) Report.
  • Forbes puts us among the top 100 Northeast colleges on its 2018 Best Value Colleges list.
  • U.S. News and World Report ranks us among the top 15 regional universities in the North.
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