Forbes Ranks Manhattan College as One of the Best U.S. Colleges in 2023

The College’s median 10-year alumni salary topped $148,000.

Manhattan College graduates are well-positioned for success in their careers, according to a new college rankings by Forbes. The College ranked 41st for its high median 10-year alumni salary of $148,800, surpassing many universities, including NYU, USC and the University of Chicago. Manhattan’s high median salary is a result of its strong academic programs and commitment to preparing students for success in the workforce. Fall Campus

Overall, the College ranked 246th on the prominent business publication’s 2023 list of America’s Top 500 Colleges. Manhattan finished 28th among best colleges in New York state and 49th among colleges classified as medium-sized. 

Forbes uses multiple criteria in making its selection, including student success, return on investment, alumni influence, retention and graduation rates, securing high alumni salaries and low debt, and how well the school serves low-income students. 

By David Koeppel