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Campus Updates

Coronavirus Information

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Corporate & Foundation Giving

Manhattan College partners with companies and foundations that share its Lasallian values of quality education, inclusive community, respect for all people, concern for the poor and social justice, and faith in the presence of God. Our Jasper curriculum is built on a strong liberal arts foundation that prepares our students to become the next generation of leaders in engineering, business and education.

Our Lasallian Catholic heritage, extensive curricula, and proximity to New York City enable us to build unique relationships that fulfill our partners’ interests and provide our students with valuable experiences.

Philanthropic Opportunities

  • Gifts and grants that fund essential needs, such as scholarships and financial aid, building and renovating facilities, updating technology in classrooms, enriching academic programs and student activities, and supporting athletic programs
  • Fundraising events that foster new business relationships, reconnect alumni and friends, and provide financial support for the College

Faculty members interested in applying for grants from corporations and private foundations should contact the Development office.

Contact Information

Kristen Farrell

Director of Institutional Giving

(718) 862-7431