Meet the Team

Our Development team is here to guide you through the giving process. Whether you would like to donate to a fund, make a memorial gift, or have general questions, we are available for you.

Office of College Advancement
Memorial Hall 100
Phone: 718-862-7275
Fax: 718-862-8021

  1. Claudia Cardona

    Claudia Cardona

    Assistant DirectorAdvancement Services718-862-7278MEM 100
  2. Elizabeth Carmichael

    Elizabeth Carmichael

    Data Base CoordinatorAdvancement Services718-862-7275MEM 100
  3. Kevin Courtney

    Kevin Courtney

    Dir / Capital CampaignCapital Campaign718-862-7714MEM 100
  4. Kristen Farrell

    Kristen Farrell

    DirInstitGiving&SpeciaProgramsDevelopment718-862-7431DLS 100
  5. Nicholas Lakoumentas

    Nicholas Lakoumentas

    ProspectResearchMgr/Develop.Development718-862-7949MEM 100
  6. Frederick Lash

    Frederick Lash

    MajorGiftOfficer/Cap.CampaignCapital Campaign718-862-7516DLS 100
  7. Thomas Mauriello

    Thomas Mauriello

    Vice PresidentDevelopment718-862-7241MEM 100
  8. Barry Moskowitz

    Barry Moskowitz

    Development WriterDevelopment718-862-7582MEM 100
  9. Kathleen Muskopf

    Kathleen Muskopf

    Exec. Dir. / DevelopmentDevelopment718-862-7434MEM 100
  10. Elizabeth Plaushin

    Elizabeth Plaushin

    Dir / Planned GivingDevelopment718-862-7976DLS 100
  11. Skylar Sheridan

    Skylar Sheridan

    Assistant to Vice PresidentDevelopment718-862-7838MEM 100
  12. Stephen White

    Stephen White

    AVP/Annual DevelopmentDevelopment718-862-7548MEM 100