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Transferring To Manhattan College

Deciding to transfer is a big decision. No matter the reason you are transferring, our caring faculty and staff will work hard to make sure you'll succeed here. In fact, we host a welcome orientation specifically for transfer students and 95% of our transfer students receive financial aid.

Important items to consider when transferring to Manhattan College include:

  • If you have graduated from high school and completed any course work at a two- or four-year college/university, you will apply as a transfer student.
  • Housing is available for transfer applicants.
  • Transfer applicants for graduate programs should speak directly with the graduate admissions staff.

Transfer Evaluation System

Our new online transfer evaluation system will help you estimate how many of your credits will transfer to Manhattan College.

Register for a Transfer Information Event

Join us for an informative overview for prospective transfer students. 

Schedule an in-person appointment or a virtual appointment with a Transfer Counselor

On Campus Appointment     A VIRTUAL APPOINTMENT

Meet with a Transfer Counselor

Schedule an appointment to speak with a Transfer Counselor to answer your questions regarding the application process, credit evaluation, cost of attendance and much more!

Schedule Appointment

  • Timeline & Deadlines

    Because transfer admissions operates on a rolling basis, there is no set application deadline. We will continue to accept transfer admissions applications through the first week of classes during the semester when you enroll.

    Admission Decision Notifications:

    semester Decision Notification timeframe
    Fall Applicants late January/Early February - August
    Spring Applicants November - January

    If you submit your application online, it generally takes 7-10 business days for you to be notified of the application decision.

    If you are currently enrolled at another college or university, your acceptance as a transfer student to Manhattan College is conditional upon successful completion of your classes with a minimum 2.5 GPA.

  • Application Requirements

    Generally, you must have a minimum 2.5 GPA at the college or university where you are currently enrolled to be considered for admission at Manhattan College. However, our admissions standards will vary depending upon the space availability in a specific school or major.

    In order for your application to be considered, you must submit the following:

    1. Official Final High School Transcript

    A high school transcript is required even if you have already completed a two- or four-year bachelor's degree.

    2. Official College Transcript

    If you have attended more than one college, you must submit a transcript from each institution.

    3. List of Current Courses

    If you are currently enrolled in college courses when you submit your application, you must provide a list with the name of each course.

    4. SAT and/or ACT Scores

    You must submit SAT or ACT scores only if you have completed less than 15 college-level credits.

    5. Recommendation Letter

    One letter of recommendation from a high school teacher, college professor or employer is required. You are also permitted to submit an additional character reference.

    6. Personal Statement

    You must submit a brief personal statement. This statement should be 300-650 words.

    7. $75 Non-Refundable Application Fee

    Special Requirements

    International Students

    International students have additional requirements regarding transcripts and language proficiency. See the International Students page for details. 

  • Transfer Credit Policy

    Within a few weeks of your acceptance to Manhattan College, we will notify you of how many credits from your previous college will transfer in. Our credit transfer guidelines are as follows:

    • Credit will be granted only for specific work when completed at accredited institutions whose quality and course content have been approved by Manhattan College.
    • Typically, students are not allowed to transfer in more than 50% of the credits required for graduation. You must take at least half of your courses at Manhattan College which will normally take four semesters of full-time study.
    • “P” grades may be accepted for credit but only if they represent a “C” or better as defined by the regulations of the institution of origin.

    The Transfer Evaluation System (TES) is a web tool that will help prospective transfer students see what credits from their current institutions will transfer to Manhattan College. 

  • Scholarships & Financial Aid


    All accepted transfer students are considered for an academic scholarship. You may be eligible to receive a scholarship if you have exemplary scores in your high school and college coursework. Scholarship award notifications are mailed home starting in March for fall entrants and November for students enrolling for the spring semester.

    To be eligible for renewal of your academic scholarship, you must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 while attending Manhattan College.

    Financial Aid

    To be considered for financial aid, you must be a full-time student and live in the United States. To apply for financial aid, you must submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form, which is available on October 1 each year. Eligible New York residents should also apply for the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP).

    After we review your FAFSA and credit evaluation, we will prepare a financial aid package and notify you of the award via postal mail.

    Learn more about the financial aid process in our Paying for College section.

Watch Video: Meet Transfer Students

Learn more about how easy it is to transfer to Manhattan College from students who have completed the process.


For any additional questions about applying for admission to Manhattan College as a transfer student, please contact a transfer counselor.


Admissions Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
9am - 4:30pm
Contact a Transfer Counselor