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Connect with a Transfer Counselor

Meet with a Transfer counselor to answer your questions regarding the application process, credit evaluation process, cost of attendance and anything else you would like to know.  Schedule an in-person or virtual appointment.

  • David Bollert
    David Bollert
    Director of Veteran Services

    P: 718-862-8121


  • Helene Quezada
    Helene Quezada
    Assistant Director, Military and Veteran Recruiting

    P: 718-862-3864


  • Elena Kreatsoulas
    elean kreatsoulas
    Transfer Admissions Counselor 

    P: 718-862-7197

    Counselor TerritoryNew York metropolitan area

    More about me: I was born and raised just outside of New York City in Westchester County, NY. I received my bachelor’s degree in psychology from Manhattan College. My family has deep roots in the Bronx area around Manhattan College, so returning to help students and their families is a privilege. Outside of Manhattan College and as a lifelong nerd, I spend my weekends watching reruns of Star Trek, playing Dungeons and Dragons with friends, and debating which is the best superhero team. My favorite aspect of the College is the people. The students, the faculty, and staff are the shining stars of Manhattan College. Each member of the Jasper community is always supportive and uplifting to their fellow Jaspers. 

    Favorite thing about New York City: Easily, my favorite thing about New York City is its ongoing evolution. Each time you step on to the street, the city has something new to offer. Between new Broadway shows, art gallery openings, and off the beaten track restaurants, every experience of the city is new and unique. 

    Advice for future students: Try a little of everything! Manhattan College is the best place to explore anything and everything that piques your interest. So take that random philosophy class or join an intramural sport that you’ve never heard of before. You never know where the adventure is going to take you but your fellow Jaspers have your back!