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Tuition & Fees

There's no question that a college education is a significant investment. However, unlike many other colleges and universities with comparable tuition rates, Manhattan College is consistently ranked as one of the top schools in the nation for offering a high return on investment. The investment you make in your education at Manhattan College will pay you back in the form of higher salaries and greater opportunities over the course of your career.

In addition to the scholarships, need-based grants and loans that are available to you as an undergraduate, we also offer several different ways to pay your tuition, including a 5-month payment plan (per semester) that allows students and families to pay the out-of-pocket cost interest-free. Enrollment in the Fall Monthly Payment Plan will open in July, and subsequent payments will be due August through November. The Spring Monthly Payment Plan will be offered beginning in December with subsequent payments due January through April.

Cost of Attendance

Manhattan College has a full cost of attendance budget that includes tuition, fees, room and board, books, transportation and personal/miscellaneous expenses. You are only billed for tuition and fees, plus room and board if you live on campus, but the other expenses are calculated into the total expense budget for the purpose of establishing need and awarding financial aid.

View the charts below for a snapshot view of what your total costs will be depending on which school your major is in and whether you live on campus or commute. 

  • Tuition and Fees

    The following is the estimated total cost of attendance for new students entering academic year 24-25.

    Tuition $48,400
    Program fee* $2,330
    Comprehensive Fee - New Admit $2,100
    Food Plan $400
    Total Billable for Commuter: $53,230
    Non Billable Expenses for Commuter:
    Books and Supplies** $1,200
    Miscellaneous Expenses** $1,200
    Transportation** $1,200
    Living Expenses Commuter $2,500
    Direct Plus Loan Fees $914
    Direct Stafford Loan Fees $66
    Total Cost of Attendance for Commuter: $60,310
    Room and Food:
    Living Expenses $18,800
    Total Billable Expenses for Resident: $71,630
    Non Billable Expenses for Resident:
    Books and Supplies** $1,200
    Miscellaneous Expenses** $1,200
    Transportation** $900
    Direct Plus Loan Fees $914
    Direct Stafford Loan Fees $66
    Total Cost of Attendance for Resident: $75,910

    **Books, transportation and miscellaneous expenses are not directly billed by Manhattan College but you may borrow loans or use work-study to cover these estimated expenses.

    *The program fee amount listed above is an average. The exact program fee is determined by school of enrollment: 

    • Arts and Sciences: $2,330
    • Business: $2,330
    • Engineering: $3,640