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Student Employment

Student employment can be a good option that allows you to meet a financial need while gaining work experience.

Students who seek on-campus employment typically work in College offices doing a range of tasks from clerical work to assisting with events. Working a campus job gives you the opportunity to grow relationships with members of the College community while developing skills that can be helpful when you enter the professional workforce. Plus, research shows that students who participate in student employment programs are more connected to their college and generally achieve greater academic success.

There are two types of jobs for students available at Manhattan College:

  • Work-Study: These positions are funded by a federal award as part of your financial aid package. You must have a work-study award in order to work one of these jobs.
  • Campus Employment: These positions do not require a federal work-study award. Generally any student can apply for this type of job.

To learn more about the hiring process and other information about student employment, visit the Financial Aid Administration website.