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Centers & Institutes

At Manhattan, our centers and institutes are designed to promote social justice through education and innovation, positioning the College as a thought leader in the future of education, ethics, interfaith dialogue and sustainability.

  • Advanced Placement Summer Institute

    Each summer, the Advanced Placement Institute offers advanced placement high school teachers the opportunity to improve their skills through a series of short workshop courses for college credit or audit.

  • Center for Ethics

    Drawing on the expertise of Manhattan College faculty and other area authorities to foster ethics and values in education, the Center for Ethics promotes dialog and addresses issues of social justice.

  • Center for Faculty Development

    The Center for Faculty Development provides resources and programming for all faculty, full-time and part-time, to promote excellence in teaching, service, and scholarship. 
  • Center for Optimal College Readiness

    The Center for Optimal College Readiness places our undergraduate and graduate students in local schools where they provide outreach tutoring, mentoring, help with academic counseling and college application-related work.

  • Center for the Study of the Future of Education

    Through research, discussion and application, the Center for the Study of the Future of Education explores issues related to learning and teaching from preschool through college that have the potential to dramatically impact the future of education.

  • Center for Urban Resilience & Environmental Sustainability

    The Center for Urban Resilience and Environmental Sustainability supports research, teaching, and community outreach in the areas of urban resilience, sustainability and environmental justice.

  • Dorothy Day Center

    Manhattan College
    The Dorothy Day Center for Study and Promotion of Social Catholicism is a resource for the campus, our local community and the worldwide Lasallian network on the Catholic social tradition.
  • Holocaust, Genocide and Interfaith Education Center

    The Holocaust, Genocide and Interfaith Education Center works to educate the public about the Holocaust and genocide, and to promote a better understanding among Christians, Jews and Muslims through interfaith dialogue related to the College’s educational mission.