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Advanced Placement Summer Institute

The Advanced Placement Summer Institute is a program that offers high school teachers the opportunity to improve their skills through short workshop courses, offered for graduate credit or audit.

Registration for the Summer 2023 Institute is now available.

We will be hosting three different online cohorts this year.

Join our virtual information sessions

Register here 

The 2023 Institute online will be held from July 24-July 28  


The 2023 Institute online will be held from July 31-August 4


The 2023 Institute online will be held from August 7-August 11


Please contact us at or 718-862-7209 with any questions. 

Our AP Summer Institute offers top-tier training in the instruction of Advanced Placement classes. We provide a week of professional education and rejuvenation to our participants. This summer marks our 42nd year of providing instruction in AP subjects for graduate credit or audit, and we are proud to welcome back our talented consultants, all experts in their fields, year after year.

Teachers who attend an AP Summer Institute in 2023 should be able to: 

  • Understand the Course
    • The course framework defines the scope of the course and specifies what students must know and do to be successful on the AP Exam.
  • Plan the Course
    • Sequencing, pacing, and scaffolding are essential for building students’ understanding and their ability to transfer and apply knowledge and skills.
  • Teach the Course
    • Effective instructional strategies help students to develop a mastery of course content and skills over time.
  • Assess Student Progress and Understanding
    • Learning requires time, practice, and regular feedback.

Courses Offered

  • Ed.612 Art and Design
  • Ed.635 Art History
  • Ed.630 Biology
  • Ed.637 Calculus AB
  • Ed.638 Calculus BC
  • Ed.631 Chemistry
  • Ed.627 Computer Science
  • Ed.642 Computer Science Principles
  • Ed.619 English Language & Composition
  • Ed.603 English Literature & Composition
  • Ed.626 Environmental Science
  • Ed.336 European History
  • Ed.608 French Language & Culture
  • Ed.623 German Language & Culture
  • Ed.624 Human Geography
  • Ed.628 Italian Language & Culture
  • Ed.641 Macroeconomics
  • Ed.613 Music Theory
  • Ed.634 Physics I
  • Ed.643 Physics II
  • Ed.620 Psychology
  • Ed.632 Spanish Language & Culture
  • Ed.625 Spanish Literature & Culture
  • Ed.616 Statistics
  • Ed.633 U.S. History
  • Ed.640 U.S. Government & Politics 
  • Ed.639 World History