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Weather Alert September 29

All classes and events are cancelled beginning at 2:00 p.m.

Due to the current inclement weather and flooding classes and events are cancelled beginning at 2:00 p.m. today. For more information, visit

Common Questions

What time does the institute begin and end each day?

Monday - Thursday: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.; Friday: 8:30 a.m. - 1 p.m. (go to the course description to confirm the schedule. In some cases, the course runs from Monday through Thursday)

How do I register and secure my spot?

Registration is a two-step process. You must register first through the College Board and then through the Manhattan College portal (an email with the link to access the Manhattan College portal will be sent to you).

Cohort One: July 24, 2023-July 28, 2023

Online Registration

Cohort Two: July 31, 2023-August 4, 2023


Cohort Three: August 7, 2023-August 11, 2023

Online Registration

After you finish the College Board registration for our Institute, you will be directed to our registration website, where you will have to re-enter some information and give some additional details. YOU MUST COMPLETE BOTH REGISTRATIONS TO SECURE YOUR SPOT IN THE PROGRAM.

What will I need to take the course? How will I join the class online?

The courses will be led by our consultants remotely, using Moodle (Manhattan College's learning management system) and Google Meet for live conferencing. Participants will only need an internet-connected device (computer, laptop, tablet, eg), and we will provide the College Board's relevant Course and Exam Description e-binder to each participant in advance of the workshop via email. Detailed instructions and guidelines for taking the course remotely will also be sent to participants before the first session.

Can a participant only attend part of the week? Will there be a price difference? 

No, the entire workshop must be attended to receive graduate credit or audit certification.

What is the difference between taking a course for audit or credit? 

Participants must decide whether to take the course for credit or audit at registration. If your employer is paying for the course, please check with them before you make your decision.

At Manhattan College, participants have the opportunity to take the AP course for graduate credit at an additional cost of $630. If a participant chooses to take the course for credit, he or she will receive three (3) graduate credits in education, a transcript after the course is completed, and a certificate upon completion of the course denoting 45 hours of professional development. During the week of the Institute, consultants will assign separate projects to be completed after the week of the course to receive graduate credit for the course. Consultants will then assign letter grades to those participants taking the class for credit, which will be due by August 26th; transcripts will be posted within the next few weeks.

If a participant chooses to take the course and not receive graduate credit, we call this an audit. Upon completion of the course, the participant will receive a certificate denoting 37.5 hours of Professional Development. There is no extra project and no transcript.

How can I switch my registration from credit to audit or vice versa? How late can I register?

Before the start of the Institute, please get in touch with our office at, and we will make the switch. If you would like to switch from one session to another, the last day to switch is the last day of registration for each cohort.

How late can I register?

Go to our home page to review the day we will close registration here.

What happens if I need to cancel my registration?

Cancellation Policy:

To cancel a course, submit the course cancellation form, which can be downloaded here. Scan and email this form to with the subject line: Drop Course [ID#] [First & Last Name]. The form needs to be signed by the student and the APSI director for it to be effective. 

Refund Cancellation Deadlines:

1- For the first online cohort running from July 24, 2023 - July 28, 2023, by July 19, 2023

2- For the second online cohort running from July 31, 2023 - August 4, 2023, by July 26, 2023

3- For the third online cohort will run from August 7, 2023 - August 11, 2023; by August 2, 2023

Cancellations after those deadlines will receive an 80% refund by the first day of the session. After the first day of the session, no refunds will be provided.

I registered, but I have not received an invoice or link to pay my tuition yet. When will I receive this?

If you have registered before March, invoices will be sent out starting in March 2023 after you have registered using the Manhattan College registration portal (this is in addition to the College Board registration first step). 

Why does the Institute request my Social Security number?

Social Security numbers are required to register at the College.

When will I receive my transcript?

Transcripts take about 4-6 weeks to receive by mail. You can access an unofficial transcript by logging into your student account. If you need an official transcript, you can request it at (only if you enrolled in the credit version of the course)

Can I request another transcript?

Yes, only if you enrolled in the credit version of the course; you can request an official transcript at and an unofficial one by logging into your student account.

How can I pay for the Institute? When does payment need to be sent/received by?

All payments must be made to Manhattan College addressed to AP Institute, and add the student's name or student ID# in the note or memo section. You can select your payment method while registering through Manhattan College. Further instructions will be given on the confirmation page and in the email.

We accept credit cards, purchase orders, and personal checks. If paying by credit card, select this option during registration, and a link to pay will be sent to you within approximately one week. If your school will be paying your tuition through a purchase order and future payment, select the purchase order option during registration. Invoices will be sent out starting in March. You will receive an invoice from us to give to the appropriate person at your school. The school will then issue a purchase order or a form that guarantees payment. All payments or purchase orders must be received by July 28th, 2023. Purchase Orders are not payments but a promise of payment. The participant is accountable for making sure the College receives payment.

What are my payment responsibilities as a participant/student?

Upon enrollment, students agree to be in accordance with all policies and procedures related to their financial obligation to Manhattan College. The student assumes liability for any debt incurred during his/her attendance at Manhattan College as outlined below, regardless of the source of payment. The terms of payment, withdrawal and adjustment are set forth on the Advanced Placement Institute website and are incorporated upon enrollment at Manhattan College. Students are required to notify in writing to the College promptly of any change in address, phone number, or other contact information. Failure to comply with the policies on address and telephone changes that result in the loss or delay of contact are the sole responsibility of the student. By providing my mobile number to the college, I provide express consent to be called on a wireless number via auto-dialer or prerecorded message and I knowingly release the wireless number to the calling entity and receive text messages for the wireless number provided and any future numbers.

How do I log into my student account and email?

Review this page to learn how to access your student email account and other IT services.