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Sponsorship Opportunities

The Manhattan College Business Analytics Competition & Conference is held annually each May in Riverdale, New York City. The event provides an exciting opportunity for undergraduate business and data analytics students to apply their knowledge and hone their skills. Competing teams of students not only engage in the “art & science” of decision-making, but also practice their ability to draw business-related insight from a thorough analysis of the competition data.

This competition is one of the first of its kind for undergraduate students. In addition to the student competition, the two-day event also features a number of world-renowned distinguished speakers who deliver the keynote speeches. The culmination of the event is an awards banquet wherein the competing teams present their final results and the top prizes will be awarded.

Sponsorship Benefits

Four sponsorship levels are detailed below. Each is designed to help create corporate awareness among the conference participants (corporate and academic business analytics experts, students and industry participants). The Sponsorship Chair will work with you and your company to tailor these patronage packages to maximize the value of the sponsor opportunity to your circumstances. In addition, opportunities exist to sponsor particular conference events such as the New York City Student Excursion and Banquet.

Senior: $5,000

  • Will sponsor award ceremony 

Junior: $3,000

  • Will sponsor city excursion, or transportation

Sophomore: $1,500

  • Will sponsor networking meals, or overnight pantry 

Freshman: $500

  • Will sponsor team accommodation, or coffee breaks

Please contact Patronage Chair, Aileen Farrelly ( for more information.