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Business Analytics Competition

Manhattan College hosts the Business Analytics Competition & Conference each May.

student presents poster during competitionEvery spring, The O'Malley School of Business hosts the Business Analytics Competition & Conference at Manhattan College (BAC@MC), an exciting opportunity for undergraduate students studying Business Analytics or related fields to test their knowledge and hone their skills.

Competing teams engage in the art and science of decision-making as well as practice their ability to draw business insight from a comprehensive analysis of relevant data.

View photos from the 2019 Competition
  • Team Requirements
    • Teams must consist of 2 - 4 undergraduate students currently enrolled in a program at the accredited higher education institution they will represent.
    • Each team must include a faculty advisor from their home institution. Student teams must register for the competition under the name of their faculty advisor.
    • Students and their faculty advisor must attend the conference to compete.
  • Competition Format

    BAC@MC features a two-phase competition, both of which require student teams to analyze and glean business insight from a competition-specific dataset.

    Phase One:

    • Data and questions for the first phase of the competition are made available to registered teams in February.
    • Student teams work at their home institutions to analyze the supplied dataset to develop solutions to the phase-one questions.
    • Each team prepares and submits a poster summarizing their analysis and answers to the questions.
    • Team members present the posters at the conference poster session and are assessed by a panel of judges.

    Phase Two:

    • Teams are provided with additional questions and data on the same or similar theme.
    • Student teams have approximately 20 hours to prepare and present their solutions to the judging panel on the second day of the conference.
  • Judging

    Faculty advisors attending the conference will constitute the set of phase-one judges. Phase-one scores will be based on the ratings given by faculty advisors (advisors will not be asked to evaluate their own team).

    Phase two will be evaluated by a panel of practitioners representing various industries who value business analytics. A team’s overall score will be determined by a combination of their phase-one and phase-two scores.

  • Awards

    The top three teams will be recognized during the award ceremony and will receive monetary awards:

    • First Place: $5,000
    • Second Place: $2,500
    • Third Place: $1,000

    There will also be awards for the three best posters. 

  • Non-Competing Attendees
    Non-competing students and faculty members are welcome to attend, but must register for the conference.