Meet the Admissions Team

Manhattan College's undergraduate admissions team is available to help answer any questions you may have during the admissions process. 

We're here for you.

Whether you plan to apply to Manhattan College and have questions, want to schedule a campus tour (in person or virtually) or just want to talk about your options, feel free to contact us directly. 

  • Benjamin Boivin
    Director of Undergraduate Admissions 

    P: 718-862-8138

    Counselor Territory: Worldwide

    More about me: I earned my bachelor's and master's degrees from Manhattan College. During my college years, I spent time seeing live music in NYC, going to games at Yankee Stadium, playing Super Smash Brothers with friends, and finding the most affordable food spots in Riverdale (my favorite is still Broadway Joe's pizza). Being from Albany, New York, I grew up hiking, which is why I think of Manhattan College as the most "upstate New York" campus in New York City.

    Favorite thing about New York City: Bike trails! New York is known for art, culture, food, historic buildings, Broadway musicals and sporting events. People don't talk enough about all the places to see by bicycle. My new favorite trail runs from Van Cortlandt Park (across the street from Manhattan College) all the way to Buffalo, New York -- or the Canadian border!

    Advice for future students: Research the major you might want to study, but don't feel too pressured to choose a major if you need more time to decide--that's what college is for. Manhattan College does an amazing job helping new students choose a path in life. Remember, if you don't know what you want to do for the rest of your life, you aren't "undecided" -- you're "open-minded."



  • Robert Rahni
    Robert Rahni
    Director of Transfer and Veteran Admissions

    P: 718-862-7299

    Counselor Territory: Nationwide with a primary focus on the Northeast region

    More about me: Born and raised in New York, I hold dual bachelor's degrees in business management and psychology, as well as a master's in counseling. I've spent the bulk of my career assisting students with military backgrounds transition to higher education. Manhattan is the third institution of higher education I've worked for. I have also taught upper-level psychology courses as an adjunct. I'm an avid lifelong New York Knicks fan and basketball enthusiast! Most weekends you can find me at the local gym running up and down and getting shots up! I enjoy traveling and experiencing different cultures and traditions, and have visited at least 25 countries and counting to date.

    Favorite thing about Manhattan College: The Jasper family is a powerful one. Manhattan College provides a tightly knit, supportive environment that allows its students to grow both academically and personally. Playing a my part as a member of this village is extremely gratifying.

    Favorite thing about New York City: I'm a foodie, so having a diverse array of cuisines all within one city is just fantastic! One of the great things about New York City is being able to walk to so many amazing restaurants. I love stepping inside and being greeted with a warm, inviting ambiance and intoxicating aromas while speaking to people from all walks of life. It's part of what makes NYC a special place to call home.

    Advice for future students: Try to be involved in as many things as you have the bandwidth for. College is a time of self-discovery and reflection. I'm a firm believer that you get to know what you like based on what you don't like. The only way you're able to gain the insight of the latter is by either experiencing things firsthand or reading about it or talking withothers. Informational interviews are key here! Don't be afraid to engage your professors and visit them during office hours to glean pointers from their experiences.



  • Nick Marter
    Robert Rahni
    Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions

    P: 718-862-7905

    Counselor Territory: Long Island (NY), Midwest U.S. 

    More about me: I'm a Long Islander at heart who's spent time in Queens and now reside in Rockland County. I graduted with my M.A. in Higher Education Administration from Stony Brook University. As first-generation college grad (meaning I'm the first in my family to attend college), I enjoy working with families throughout the entire college search and application process. I've been working in college admissions since 2015, and have been with Manhattan College since 2018. You'll find me spending my free time rooting for the Mets and Rams, and seeing my family and friends. As a new Rockland County resident, I love exploring the area, trying new restaurants and finding new places to hike!

    Favorite thing about Manhattan College: The location. Our campus location is truly distinctive. You'll be hard pressed to find a green, walkable college campus nestled into a huge metropolitan area like New York City. Our 23-acre campus features classrooms, residence halls, athletic venues, lounge spaces, dining options and more, all in a cozy campus that's close to everthing you love about NYC. We are a quick five-minute walk to the 1 train, which takes you south to midtown, Grand Central Station, Penn Station, the Financial District and more. Don't forget, we are directly across the street from Van Cortlandt Park, the third-largest park in the city. Whether you're a "city person" or not, Manhattan College's location is perfect!

    Favorite thing about New York City: The Opportunities. Our students are lucky enough to be minutes away from some of the best performers, athletes, parks, and museums in the world, and can gain work experience alongside the best engineers, businesspeople, medical and communications professionals. The opportunites are endless.

    Advice for future students: Get involved. Join clubs, stay after class, meet people, explore the city, make connections. Create a well-rounded experience for yourself.



  • Evelyn Orellana
    Robert Rahni
    Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions

    P: 718-862-7919

    Counselor Territory: Capital Region and Rockland County (NY), Southwestern U.S.

    More about me: Born and raised in the Bronx, I believe New York City is the best city in the world! My role at Manhattan has allowed me to further strengthen my rapport with my community. I enjoy building relationships with professionals who share the same motivation to help students pursue their academic goals.

    Favorite thing about Manhattan College: Manhattan College offers students the opportunity to pursue more than one interest. Our faculty and staff provide students with information, guidance and real-world experience to ensure they are exploring every option avaiable to them. Nothing is out of reach for our students.



  • Lauren Checo
    Robert Rahni
    Senior Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions

    P: 718-862-8679

    Counselor Territory: New England (Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine) and Western U.S.

    More about me: I'm a native New Yorker and have lived in the Bronx for most of my life. I recieved my bachelor's degree in English literature from Colgate University and my master's degree in higher education administration from CUNY Baruch. I grew up hearing about Manhattan College and many of my friends attended. I am honored to work at Manhattan College now and to help spread the word about the great things going on here. When I'm not at work, you can usually find me reading on the 1 train (right next to Manhattan College) on my way to try out new resturants or food in and around NYC, meeting up with friends, or headed to a concert.

    Favorite thing about Manhattan College: I love working with Manhattan students. They are kind and supportive toward each other and toward the community at large.

    Favorite thing about New York City: I love the level of diversity that you can find in New York City. It's everywhere -- from the 600+ languages you can hear spoken on the street, to the unbeatable variety of cuisines you can sample, to the range of visual and performance art you can appreciate!

    Advice for future students: Take advantage of all you can learn through a liberal arts education at Manhattan! Embrace the well-rounded majors and variety of electives available.



  • Anissa Latif
    Anissa Latif Portrait Photo
    Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions

    P: 718-862-7910

    Counselor TerritoryWestern, Central, and Hudson Valley (NY)

    More about me: I'm from Westchester, NY (which contrary to what you think, is not upstate!). I completed my bachelor's in Middle East Studies at Sarah Lawrence College and my master's in International Educational Development at Teachers College, Columbia University. I have several years of experience working in graduate admissions. I'm also a photographer, and on weekends you can find me scouting instagrammable locations in NYC and Westchester. 

    Favorite thing about Manhattan College: Manhattan College has a unique edge that sets it apart from other colleges: the location. The gorgeous campus gives you that traditional college experience that you see in the movies (A Beautiful Mind was filmed here). Plus, you are right next to the 1 train, and a short subway ride will take you right into the city. You get to experience the best of both worlds. 

    Favorite thing about New York City: As a photographer, NYC is an ideal location for candid photography. There are so many sights to see and so many things to do - it's impossible to be bored.

    Advice for future students: There are so many opportunities right at your fingertips, so don't be afraid to take advantage of all Manhattan College has to offer outside of the classroom. Get involved on campus. Join a club or activity that you are passionate about and meet other people with similar interests. Your classmates will be your future professional network so treat everyone with respect. Build meaningful relationships with your professors because they have so much insight they can share. The resources are all here so all you need to do is take the first step.

  • Chris Fonte
    Chris Fonte Portrait Photo
    Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions

    P: 718-862-7908

    Counselor TerritoryNew Jersey, Maryland, Deleware, Pennsylvania, Southeastern U.S.

    More about me: I am from the Jersey Shore. I attended Cabrini University where I majored in Digital Communications and Social Media with a  minor in Political Science and Theater. I enjoy the beach, golfing and going to Broadway shows. I am also an avid Yankees, Devils and NASCAR fan!

    Favorite thing about Manhattan College: My favorite part about Manhattan College is the Jasper Community! I love how welcoming everyone is from students, faculty and staff from the moment you step on campus.

    Favorite thing about New York City: I love all the different types of food this city has to offer, especially the many great pizza places around campus. 

    Advice for future students: Start making connections early. I encourage you to take advantage of the Career Center to connect with our alumni network.

  • Jose De La Cruz
    Chris Fonte Portrait Photo
    Admissions Counselor

    P: 718-862-7549

    Counselor Territory: Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island (NYC), Northern New Jersey and Florida

    More about me: I'm a native New Yorker born in the Dominican Repulic but raised in Upper Manhattan. I earned my Bachelor's in Business Management from Manhattan College in 2021. I was also part of the Men's baseball team. As a student, I spent most of time training for baseball and studying. On my off days I enjoy taking adavantage of what NYC has to offer, going to different stadiums and arenas, eating different foods I never tried before, and sight seeing. When I'm not out exploring NYC, I love to play video games. Attending Manhattan College allowed me to experience a high end personolized education while staying close to home. Manhattan College opened so many doors and allowed me build relationships that will last a lifetime.

    Favorite thing about Manhattan College: There is a lot to love about Manhattan College but what stands out the most is our community. Here at Manhattan, we value each student for who they are. We make sure every student feels welcome and comfortable while getting a top notch education. Our professors know our students on a personal level and often help them with Interships, research opportunity, and job placement. Not just our professors but our faculty, staff and most importantly our alumni. We have such amazing alumni who love to give back and help our current students. At Manhattan you are truly supported by a whole community who ready to help you succeed with open arms.

    Favorite thing about New York City: My favorite thing about NYC is the diversity. Being a first generation college graduate was a big accomplishment for my entire family. Manhattan College has 30% of their whole student population consider themselves minority. This number is only increasing. New York City is the most diverse city in the world and we have students from 45 different states and 48 different countries. I love exploring the different ethnic places NYC has to offer. You can take the subway and in a few stops you feel like you've traveled to a different country.

    Advice for future students: My advice for future students is to take advantage of everything Manhattan has to offer. Get involved in a club or intermurals. Take advantage of the guest speakers and job fairs we offer. Network with your faculty and staff. Build relationship with your peers. Getting involved in different campus activities goes a long way. You never know what opportunity can rise up and the best way to take advantage is to get involved.

  • Angely Morillo
    Angely Morillo Portrait Photo
    Admissions Counselor

    P: 718-862-7909

    Counselor Territory: The Bronx and Manhattan (NYC)

    More about me: I was born and raised in the heart of the Dominican Republic, Santiago. In my early teens, I moved to New York and fell in love with the city that never sleeps! I enjoy trying new dishes, watching Netflix shows/documentaries, and most importantly, spending time with my dog, Luca.

    I am a proud Jasper and a member of the graduating class of 2021. During my time as a student, I enjoyed working on campus and being a member of the Women in Business club. I loved the diverse events that were hosted on campus and the connections I made throughout the years.

    Favorite thing about Manhattan College: My favorite part about Manhattan College is the welcoming, tight-knit atmosphere. As soon as I stepped onto campus, I knew Manhattan would become my second home. I also love working with students and guiding them through the different opportunities and tools that they have available.

    Favorite thing about New York City: There is always something to do in the city! Whether it is exploring a new museum or reading at a new coffee shop. The city has endless activities and opportunities to pursue.

    Advice for future students: Never be afraid to ask questions and explore outside your major! That can lead you to pursuing a minor in a different field or studying abroad in another continent. I encourage that future Jaspers make the most of their experience and always take advantage of the different resources available.

  • Elena Kreatsoulas
    elean kreatsoulas
    Transfer Admissions Counselor 

    P: 718-862-7197

    Counselor TerritoryNew York metropolitan area

    More about me: I was born and raised just outside of New York City in Westchester County, NY. I received my bachelor’s degree in psychology from Manhattan College. My family has deep roots in the Bronx area around Manhattan College, so returning to help students and their families is a privilege. Outside of Manhattan College and as a lifelong nerd, I spend my weekends watching reruns of Star Trek, playing Dungeons and Dragons with friends, and debating which is the best superhero team. My favorite aspect of the College is the people. The students, the faculty, and staff are the shining stars of Manhattan College. Each member of the Jasper community is always supportive and uplifting to their fellow Jaspers. 

    Favorite thing about New York City: Easily, my favorite thing about New York City is its ongoing evolution. Each time you step on to the street, the city has something new to offer. Between new Broadway shows, art gallery openings, and off the beaten track restaurants, every experience of the city is new and unique. 

    Advice for future students: Try a little of everything! Manhattan College is the best place to explore anything and everything that piques your interest. So take that random philosophy class or join an intramural sport that you’ve never heard of before. You never know where the adventure is going to take you but your fellow Jaspers have your back!