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Parents and Guardians

Sending your child off to college is a big moment in their life, and in yours as a parent or guardian. But you can be assured that your child will be in good hands here at Manhattan College.

What Makes Manhattan College Special?

  • Our Lasallian Tradition

    At Manhattan College, your child will be a part of a truly unique community. We are a mission-focused Lasallian Catholic college that strives to promote faith, respect, education, community and social justice.

    Our Lasallian tradition means that we value faith and inclusion. Our population includes students of all faiths including Catholics, Protestants, Muslims and Jews.

    As Lasallians, we are committed to creating lasting social change by working to fix the root causes of poverty and injustice. Your child will have the opportunity to participate in numerous programs, ranging from community service projects in our local neighborhood, to service-immersion trips where students experience an unfamiliar culture in the U.S. or abroad, learn about issues of social justice and engage in hands-on service work.

  • Return on Investment

    Students posing for a selfie in cap and gown on graduation day.

    Your child's college education is one the biggest, and most important, investments you'll ever make. By choosing Manhattan College, a nationally-ranked leader in return on investment, you will be setting your child up for future career success.

    Our New York City location gives your childaccess to internships that are simply not available anywhere else. More than 80 percent of our students complete an internship, providing them with valuable professional experience and networking opportunities.

    Around 86 percent of our graduates are employed or in graduate school within nine months of graduation. The median base starting salary is more than $62,000. No matter your child's career goals, we can help them succeed.

  • Learning Environment

    Professor talking to student

    Your child won't get lost in the crowd at Manhattan College. Our undergraduate student-to-faculty ratio is 11:1 and our average class size is 18.1 students. Our faculty get to know students individually and form relationships that extend beyond graduation.

    We offer numerous research programs that give undergraduate students the opportunity to collaborate with faculty on research, including writing research papers and presenting at conferences — an opportunity many universities don't offer until the graduate level. And we have a Center for Graduate School and Fellowship Advisement to support students who want to pursue grad school.

    Your child will be supported by a dedicated academic advisor who they will regularly meet with to discuss course registration, major or minor selection and career goals. 

  • Safety and Support Services


    Your child's new home-away-from-home on our campus is a safe and welcoming environment. Our campus is tucked away in an upscale and safe neighborhood near the border of Westchester. On campus, we employ more than 50 public safety officers who patrol 24/7 to ensure student safety. 

    We offer numerous services to assist students with adjusting to college life. Our Center for Academic Success provides tutoring for all freshman level courses, as well as many upper-level courses. And the Writing Center can help your student master term papers with assistance from brainstorming through final edits.

    Our counseling center is staffed with a team of therapists who provide services at no cost. And our on-site health services office provides urgent care for common minor illnesses and injuries.