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Justice-Immersion Program: LOVE

As Manhattan College's social justice immersion program, LOVE trips (Lasallian Outreach Volunteer Experience) provide opportunities for students to learn about Catholic Social Teaching and social justice issues in the communities that are most impacted by them. These trips allow our students and moderators to concretely engaged in the Lasallian core principle of Respect for the Poor and Social Justice.

LOVE TRIPS are founded on five pillars:

Students build a home in New OrleansSocial Justice

Each LOVE trip focuses in on relevant social justice issues going on in the community the group is visiting. The social justice issue areas that our experiences explore include:

  • Adult Education/Literacy
  • Civil Rights/Human Rights
  • Education
  • Environmental Justice/Sustainability
  • Economic Development
  • Farmworker Justice & Fair Trade
  • Food Access/Security
  • Gender & Sexuality
  • Homelessness & Affordable Housing
  • Immigration/Migration/Citizenship
  • Indigenous Peoples
  • Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities
  • Public Health/Individual & Community Health
  • Technology Access/Computer Literacy
  • Racial Justice
  • Restorative Justice
  • Urban Poverty
  • Women & Children

Cultural immersion

image of students standing in front of signLOVE trips give you the opportunity to learn about the local culture by experiencing it firsthand. As a participant, you will live and work alongside members of the community, hearing the stories of local community partners who are working to create change in their communities. You will learn about the challenges the community faces and gain new perspectives on current events. You will eat local cuisine, partake in traditional customs and be encouraged to step outside of your comfort zone.



students standing in snowMeeting Jaspers from different parts of campus is one of the best parts of our LOVE trips. During weekly meetings and fundraising events, students build relationships with their peers on the team, student leader and advisor. Students foster an inclusive community where all team members feel welcome, included and comfortable discussing and sharing their insights and experiences. The friendships developed through LOVE trips are truly unique, and tend to last throughout college and beyond!



image of students in front of large crossAlthough they are based on the responsibilities of Catholic Social Teaching, students of any spiritual or religious background (or none) are welcome to participate in LOVE trips. Leading up to and on their experience, students will engage in group reflection to help process their experiences in the context of social justice and Lasallian values. Students are introduced to the Lasallian charism and are encouraged to explore their spirituality from the context of their own faith tradition.


Simple Living

Throughout the trip, students are encouraged to lean into the experience fully through practicing simple living. Students forgo technology (cell phones, large cameras) to spend time in quiet reflection and self-discovery. Participants pack concisely and stay in simple accommodations on their trips to gain a better understanding of the experience of those who live in the communities they visit. Students are asked to be conscious of their actions and impact in the community as well as taking photographs in an ethical and appropriate way.

More Information

Visit the Inside Manhattan website to learn more about how current Manhattan College students can apply for a LOVE experience trip. Questions? Email 

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