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Fair Trade

Manhattan College is a pioneer among colleges in the fair trade social justice movement. Our efforts on campus to implement fair trade practices earned us an official designation as a Fair Trade College, making us the first in New York City and fifth in the nation with this status.

Inspired by a L.O.V.E. trip to Ecuador in 2007, a group of students partnered with Campus Ministry & Social Action and the student group JustPeace to raise awareness in the community about fair trade practices and how they can aid workers in developing countries.

By collaborating with Gourmet Dining and the Barnes & Noble campus bookstore, Manhattan College has brought fair trade products to campus and into the classroom by scheduling lectures, guest speakers, film screenings and tastings of fair trade products.  

Honored by Fair Trade USA and Catholic Relief Services for its commitment to social justice, Manhattan College continues to live its Lasallian heritage by building a community that cares for the well being of others around the world.

Find out more by watching this video: