Majors & Programs

  1. Accounting professor gives class lecture.


    Accounting is the language used to communicate financial information to stakeholders. Accountants capture, summarize, present and analyze financial information to help their clients make sound decisions.

  2. Students present at business analytics competition.

    Business Analytics

    Analytics is one of the most practical and fastest growing fields in business. Massive amounts of data are being generated and collected each day. Business analytics involves drawing correlations and insights from this data.

  3. MBA student in class

    Business - B.S./MBA

    Manhattan College School of Business undergraduate students are eligible to apply for the special five-year business B.S./MBA program, in which you complete both an undergraduate degree and an MBA in five years.

  4. Students in computer lab.

    Computer Information Systems

    The CIS major prepares individuals to develop, support and manage information technology-based systems that are deployed in a business environment. The demand for knowledgeable individuals trained in CIS continues to grow as companies become ever...

  5. Econ/Finance student working on computer

    Economics/Finance (dual program)

    The dual major is designed to develop a firm grasp of the relationship between economics and finance — two disciplines that will prepare you to analyze the economy and the actions of companies and financial markets.

  6. Economics student studying in the library.

    Economics - B.S.

    Economics is a social science that examines the production, distribution, sales and purchases of goods and services. The B.S. is ideal for students interested in pursuing trading, financial markets or a Ph.D. in economics.

  7. Finance student working on computer


    Money is a powerful force that drives our world. Studying finance is largely about learning how to make financial decisions for organizations ranging from small businesses to large governments.

  8. A classroom of students learns the ins and outs of business.

    Global Business Studies

    The global business studies co-major is only for students majoring in a School of Business program. Global business studies helps us understand how businesses operate around the world.

  9. Students participate in group discussions in small classes.


    Management involves the organization and coordination of a business in order to achieve goals. Managers are planners, leaders and big thinkers who know how to creatively approach problems and empower their staff.

  10. Students collaborate on a project.


    Marketing involves creating products and services, communicating their value and managing customer relationships, wants and needs. When businesses focus on their customers’ wants and needs, they sell products that are valued and...

  11. Insert text here


    A master of business administration (MBA) degree is the internationally-recognized standard in leadership and management. Earning an MBA positions you to grow your career, not only in business, but in finance, technology, healthcare, government,...

  12. MBA student in class

    Professional Accounting - B.S./MBA

    Manhattan College School of Business undergraduate students are eligible to apply for the special five-year professional accounting B.S./MBA, in which you complete both an undergraduate degree and a Masters of Business Administration in...