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Management involves the organization and coordination of a business in order to achieve goals. But managers are more than just planners. They are leaders and big thinkers who know how to creatively approach problems and empower their staff.

Why Choose Management?

It's an Important and Changing Field

As long as there are businesses, there will be a need for managers. While their focus may be in a specific area, managers need to understand all parts of an organization to ensure that it functions smoothly. This includes finance, marketing, production and human resources. To be a good manager, you also have to be a people person. You should be comfortable working with people of all backgrounds and experience levels. Employees depend on good leaders to inspire and push toward the cutting-edge.

There is also a growing trend of social responsibility in the corporate world. For-profit companies are giving back to charities, incorporating sustainable practices into business and mentoring the next generation. To be an ethical manager in today’s world means considering how your business affects the world in a positive way.

Hands-on Opportunities

As a business student, you’ll use New York City as your classroom. You can take part in site visits and apply for internships at major companies like Mutual of America, Bloomberg and JP Morgan. On campus, you will have the chance to attend career fairs, guest speaker series, networking events or be paired with a professional mentor.

Eager to manage your own business? The School of Business offers several classes on business strategy for small ventures and entrepreneurships. There’s also an Innovation Contest held each spring through the Entrepreneurship Club, which is open to all students. Student teams present their business ideas to a panel of judges a la Shark Tank for a monetary prize.

The Faculty

Our faculty are industry professionals with years of experience. They take time to get to know students individually in small classes of 15-20. Each year, they conduct hands-on research projects and case studies with students interested in personalized learning.

What Will You Learn?

As a management major, you will:

  • Examine theories and concepts of organizations
  • Develop the skills needed to fulfill various management roles
  • Apply quantitative methods to solve management problems
  • Study behavioral aspects of both nonprofit and for-profit organizations
  • Become an ethical professional who recognizes the social responsibility of corporations
  • Master the latest technology used in the workplace

Management is also available as a minor.

See degree requirements

What Will You Do?

All types of organizations need effective management to function. Managers work in traditional for-profit companies and nonprofits, as well as in government, education or technology.

Being a Manhattan College business student allowed me to gain the skill-set needed to successfully manage a profitable business, while teaching me to always consider the 'human' side of business. Every class I took, from marketing and management to finance and economics, incorporated the ethics of consumers, producers, and manufacturers every step of the way.

Kelly Douglas ’15, Patient Advocate at John T. Mather Memorial Hospital