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Professional Accounting - B.S./MBA

Motivated and high-achieving accounting undergraduates in the School of Business can complete both their bachelor's and master's degree through our five-year program. The professional accounting B.S./MBA program prepares students to be leading professionals in this industry.

Why Choose the B.S./MBA in Professional Accounting?

The successful completion of the five-year program leads to the awarding of two degrees:

  • A bachelor of science in professional accounting
  • A master's of business administration in professional accounting

The AACSB-accredited program consists of a total of 153 hours in undergraduate and graduate credits, taken over a five-year period of 10 semesters and one summer session.

CPA Eligibility

The professional accounting B.S./MBA puts you on track to become a Certified Public Accountant, or CPA. Our curriculum is structured to meet the requirements regulated by the State of New York. The CPA exam is typically taken during or after the MBA program. Manhattan’s professors make sure that you are well-prepared so you can go into testing feeling confident.

Experiential Learning

Today, employers are looking for experience in addition to conceptual understanding. Our on-campus program's strong experiential learning component offers a variety of opportunities to apply knowledge in a real-world setting. Two of the 12 required courses for the on-campus MBA program must be experiential in nature. This can include:

  • Internships: Our students have landed summer or semester-long internships at prominent companies including Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG, Morgan Stanley and the New York Mets
  • International Study Trips: Our students traveled to India to visit local businesses and corporations as part of a study on the multinational aspects of BRIC economies
  • Business Plan Projects: Our students traveled to Frankfurt, Germany, where they prepared a business plan for an emerging energy company, met a vice president of Deutsche Bank and visited the Frankfurt Stock Exchange
  • Entrepreneurial Projects: Our MBA students worked with chemical engineering students to create and market a natural hair-dye product for L’Oreal and develop markets for new uses of olive oil produced in Palestine
  • Research: Our students placed second in the Baylor University-USASBE Student Case Writing Competition

What Will You Learn?

The five-year professional accounting B.S./MBA program allows students to complete a dual degree in five years. Upon graduation, you will have earned:

  • A bachelor of science in professional accounting
  • A Masters of Business Administration in professional accounting

Students complete 153 undergraduate and graduate credit hours over five years. This includes coursework during 10 semesters and one summer session.

As a five-year professional accounting B.S./MBA student at Manhattan College, you will:

  • Qualify to sit for the New York State CPA exam
  • Practice analytical decision-making and risk management
  • Develop an understanding of leadership
  • Gain an appreciation for ethical behavior in business
  • Learn about organizations and the competitive business environment
  • Get hands-on career experience and professional development

See the degree requirements

What Will You Do?

Earning a dual B.S./MBA degree in professional accounting prepares you to take the CPA exam, if you want to practice public accounting. It also prepares you for a successful career in finance, management or insurance.