About Us

The Accounting, Computer Information Systems and Law Department emphasizes practical career preparation through internships and hands-on learning. There are also opportunities, such as the VITA program, to use your skills to serve others in the local community. Our curriculum provides a well-rounded liberal arts foundation and a broad business background. By the time you graduate, you will have the skills to be an ethical business professional in a competitive workplace.

Meet an Accounting Major: Matt Sullivan

Matt put his accounting skills to use off-campus by interning in New York City and participating in the VITA Program, a free tax preparation service for low-income Bronx residents.

Our Programs

The Accounting, Computer Information Systems and Law Department supports students who are preparing for hands-on, technical careers in ever-changing fields. The department offers three distinct majors and minors, an MBA program, as well as courses in business law required for all School of Business students. 


  • Dual degree in Business Analytics and Computer Information Systems