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Computer Information Systems

Computer information systems (CIS) is the practical application of technology to help businesses perform efficiently. CIS specialists determine the needs of an organization and identify the patterns of information flow that satisfy those needs.

Why Choose CIS?

Technology is Everywhere

Technology is heavily integrated into our world. We depend on the small computers on our wrists and in our pockets to get us places, to make transactions and to connect with others. Similarly, all businesses rely on technology to operate efficiently and protect information. The larger the company, the grander and more complex their needs. The demand for knowledgeable CIS professionals continues to grow along with adoption of new technology.

A Well-Rounded Education

The goal of the CIS program is to produce well-rounded business technology professionals. CIS majors take courses covering core IT areas including networking, data analysis, computer security, programming, database systems and web design.

You’ll also receive a broad business background so you will get to know the greater needs of a company — from accounting to human resources to sales. Finally, you will improve your interpersonal skills by taking a liberal arts core. When you graduate, you will have both the technical and applied skills of a desired employee.

Real-World Opportunities

CIS must be both learned and applied. Students who have honed their skills in the classroom are encouraged to pursue learning experiences through internships, research projects, hackathons or other competitions such as the Google Challenge. In New York City, there is no shortage of companies who are seeking skilled CIS students as interns. Our students have interned at:

  • AIG
  • Nasdaq
  • NY Criminal Justice Agency
  • RBC Capital Markets
  • U.S. Securities Exchange Commission

What Will You Learn?

The Computer Information Systems program combines technical learning with general business skills. As a CIS major, you will study:

  • Database systems and SQL
  • Python programming
  • Computer networking
  • Web development
  • Data analysis
  • System software and management

CIS is available as a minor. 

See degree requirements

What Will You Do?

A degree in Computer Information Systems prepares you for a career in information systems, information security, technology or management. 

When I think back to the impact Manhattan College had on my life and career, I mainly remember one idea: You are not just studying a subject matter, earning a degree, or refining a skill. You are learning a way of thinking. I attribute much of my present and future success a result of that way of thinking.

Scott Toppi ’08, Management Consulting at PwC