About Us

As an economics or finance major, you'll have the chance to work on research with professors in preparation for graduate school, or land a hands-on internship in one of the world's greatest financial centers: New York City. The reputation of this department continues to grow as teams of students succeed in nationwide contests, such as the College Fed Challenge, a rigorous academic competition judged by economists at the Federal Reserve.

With faculty support and a competitive course load in the dual degree program, you'll be well equipped to take the CFA exam, which is the certification needed to become a qualified investment or financial professional.

Meet our Students

An international student from Tokyo, economics and finance major Riko Mochizuki initially struggled with understanding dense material, but took advantage of learning experiences like the Investment Club and the College Fed Challenge to refine her skill set.

Our Programs

The Economics & Finance Department prepares students to work in the hands-on fields of business, government, nonprofits or economic research. The department offers three majors and two minors:

If you choose to pursue a B.A. in economics through the School of Liberal Arts, you will take classes through this department.

College Fed Challenge

Every year, several Manhattan College students participate in the College Fed Challenge, an unforgettable experience in economic analysis, monetary policy decision-making, public speaking and teamwork.