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Undergraduate Programs

  • Accounting

    image of professor pointing at board
    Accounting is the language used to communicate financial information to stakeholders. Accountants capture, summarize, present and analyze financial information to help their clients make sound decisions.
  • Business Analytics

    image of students standing at poster board together
    Analytics is one of the most practical and fastest growing fields in business. Massive amounts of data are being generated and collected each day. Business analytics involves drawing correlations and insights from this data.
  • Business - B.S./MBA

    Image of student in classroom focusing
    Manhattan College School of Business undergraduate students are eligible to apply for the special five-year business B.S./MBA program, in which you complete both an undergraduate degree and an MBA in five years.
  • Computer Information Systems

    students staring at computer screens
    The CIS major prepares individuals to develop, support and manage information technology-based systems that are deployed in a business environment. 
  • Economics - B.S.

    students on steps of Smith Auditorium
    Economics is a social science that examines the production, distribution, sales and purchases of goods and services. The B.S. is ideal for students interested in pursuing trading, financial markets or a Ph.D. in economics.
  • Finance

    image of student looking at two computer monitors
    Money is a powerful force that drives our world. Studying finance is largely about learning how to make financial decisions for organizations ranging from small businesses to large governments.
  • Management

    classroom of students raising hands
    Management involves the organization and coordination of a business in order to achieve goals. Managers are planners, leaders and big thinkers who know how to creatively approach problems and empower their staff.
  • Marketing

    faculty member and student huddled together
    Marketing involves creating products and services, communicating their value and managing customer wants and needs. When businesses focus on their customers’ wants and needs, they sell products that are valued and and not just promoted.
  • Professional Accounting - B.S./MBA

    male student looking pensive while listening to lecture
    Manhattan College School of Business undergraduate students are eligible to apply for the special five-year professional accounting B.S./MBA, in which you complete both an undergraduate degree and a Masters of Business Administration in...

Undergraduate Learning Goals and Objectives.

These are our goals for you as you advance in your undergraduate program at the O’Malley School:

  1. Communicate effectively through writing and oral presentations.
  2. Demonstrate global learning and intercultural awareness.
  3. Employ quantitative skills in problem-solving to support decision-making
  4. Understand how to incorporate ethics into business practices and demonstrate an awareness of social justice issues in business.
  5. Demonstrate an ability to think critically by analyzing business situations and recommending appropriate actions.