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Marriage & Family Therapy - M.S.

The M.S. in marriage and family therapy program is designed for those seeking marriage and family therapist licensure or national board certification.

Why Choose Marriage & Family Therapy?

Marriage and family therapists assist people through family and other relationship problems. They address issues including stress, infidelity, depressed mood, anxiety and behavioral difficulties within the context of current and past relationships. Marriage and family therapists evaluate and provide treatment within the context of relational and family systems, which may include familial relationships, marital/couple relationships, parent-child relationships, pre-marital and other personal relationships. There is a focus on treating clients’ relationships rather than just the individual. 

The need for licensed marriage and family therapists also is on the rise. Jobs for marriage and family therapists are expected to grow by 16% (faster than average), by 2030, according to The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

The Program

Small class sizes (no more than 18-20 in a section) allow students and professors to collaborate and get to know one another. We accept students from diverse educational backgrounds and professional experiences. Each student brings their knowledge and perspective, which enriches everyone in the classroom. 

Faculty in the department are practitioners, from licensed marriage and family therapists and psychologists to mental health and school counselors. Their diverse training and years of job knowledge will enhance your classroom experience and help you learn.

The Location

Our New York City campus is positioned in the Bronx, just minutes away from some of the top mental health hospitals, clinics and agencies in the nation. As a graduate student in the marriage and family therapy program, you will gain 500 hours of supervised, on-site counseling experience in some of the most socially and economically diverse areas in the U.S.

Our students have interned at:

family services of westchester logonygov-logo.jpgBM_Womens-Centers_web_900.jpg

What Will You Learn?

Students in this 60-credit program learn how to work with families, couples and individuals on issues such as anxiety, depression, marital and relationship disputes and child-parent conflict. By merging theory with research and practice, you will gain the necessary knowledge, skills and disposition to help clients understand how their behavior influences the behavior of others. 

Job Skills

In this program, you will gain the following skills:

  • Evaluation and treatment of mental, emotional and behavioral disorders within the context of marital, relational and family systems.
  • Communication skills (active listening, written communication, verbal communication)
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Observational skills
  • Organization and time management
  • Ability to work with others on multi-disciplinary teams.

To view class topics and required courses for this program, visit our course catalog:

See the Degree Requirements

Admissions Requirements

Review the requirements and application process for this graduate program.

In this program I learned that you have to trust in yourself. Believe in yourself and apply what you learn. Be your best, try your best...

Precious Aderibigbe '20, Outpatient Therapist for Pennsylvania Counseling Services

What Will You Do?

The marriage and family therapy program prepares you for practice in a variety of settings including hospitals, government agencies, schools, inpatient and outpatient mental health clinics, substance abuse centers and private practices.