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About Us

Be it with journalism, broadcasting, graphic design, audio recording or game design, hands-on learning is what drives this department. As a student in Communication, Sound and Media Arts you will have the chance to explore the many aspects of technology that enhance our ability to hear, see and communicate in an ever-expansive world. Our professors are scholars and practitioners who have studied and presented around the globe and bring their unique perspectives to the classroom. You will also have unparalleled access to internship and career opportunities at New York City’s top media brands, record companies, museums, art studios, performing art centers, acoustic firms and professional publications.

Majors & Programs

  • Communication

    Communication is a liberal arts discipline, rooted in persuasive speaking and writing. It is also a pre-professional discipline that prepares you for a career in mass media, including advertising, integrated marketing, journalism, media production, public relations and sports media broadcasting.
  • Digital Media Art

    Digital media art combines art and technology in creative ways. Digital media artists help us visualize the world through graphic design, digital photo and video, animation, game design and much more. If it can be imagined, it can be visualized in digital media art!
  • Game Design and Production

    Game design and production explores gaming history and cultures while teaching critical skills to work in this growing industry. This interdisciplinary program offers three concentrations: coding, design and narrative.
  • Sound Studies

    The sound studies major combines traditional music study (music performance, music theory and musicology) with the science of sound (audio technology, music recording and mixing, and sound design). Sound studies is a field that supports the careers of record producers, acousticians, sound artists, historians, interior designers, game designers, foley artists, music therapists and musicians. 
  • Music (minor only)

    Music is a universal language and functions as a "social text" that gives evidence to who we are as humans and what we desire to be. The music minor includes an interdisciplinary study of history, art, religion and more.