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Digital Media Art

Digital media art combines art and technology in creative ways. Digital media artists help us visualize the world through graphic design, digital photo and video, animation, game design and much more.

Why Choose Digital Media Art?

One word: demand! Virtually all companies – large and small, for-profit and not-for-profit – employ artists. These creatives generate all of the institution’s visual content, including materials for branding, advertising, social media, websites, events, and much more. Additionally, there is a rapidly growing market for artistic talent in specialized design firms that produce everything from video games to graphic novels. This Major will prepare you to succeed in any one of these companies, found your own arts organization, or thrive as an independent, freelance artist.

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The Digital Media Art program equipped me with a well-rounded education in various forms of digital art and resulted in me having an outstanding skill set, portfolio, and resume. The combination of my coursework and work-study position allowed me to do what I love and turn it into a career.

Rachelle Nuzzaro ’23, Photographer, Videographer, and Graphic Designer, Cass Concepts Marketing

What Will You Learn?

The Digital Media Art program teaches the practice, theory, and history of a variety of popular digital art fields, such as Generative AI Art, Graphic Design, Digital Photography and Video, 3D Modeling, Animation, Game Design, and Immersive Media (AR/VR). In this creative environment, you will learn to:

  • Work in a hands-on Apple iMac environment
  • Use industry-standard software across multiple discipline
  • Get critiqued and constructively critique others
  • Manage your time effectively when completing complex projects
  • Think on your feet and solve problems creatively as they arise
Digital media art is also offered as a minor.

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The Experience

Under the guidance of practicing artists and educators, and working in the department’s two Graphic Arts Labs, students receive industry-level training that prepares them for numerous artistic careers, from Graphic Design and Illustration to Web Design and Animation. This training takes place not only on campus, but also in New York City – one of the world’s most vibrant centers of digital media art. With the support of dedicated faculty, students regularly secure some of the most competitive internships and jobs that NYC has to offer, gaining invaluable, real-world experience at the cultural and technological forefront of the discipline. Coupled with the larger Arts and Sciences curriculum of the College, this first-hand experience prepares graduates to make culturally significant works of art that transform how we see the world.

Where Will You Go?

The Annual Guggenheim Internship in Venice, Italy
This competitive internship has been established specifically for Digital Media Art Majors at MC. Each summer, up to two students are placed at The Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice, Italy, for a one month, paid internship.

In addition, Digital Media Art Majors take advantage of numerous local internship programs. Students regularly intern at museums, art galleries, artist studios, graphic design firms, graphic art magazines, and production companies in New York City. Recently, our students have interned at The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), Nike Communications, NJ Transit, and Martinelli Publishing among many other organizations.

  • Alumni Outcomes

    After graduation, Digital Media Art Majors have gone on to secure jobs at some of the world’s leading companies, including:

    • Lauren Driscoll ’23, Social Media Associate and Photographer, NJ Transit
    • Rachelle Nuzzaro ’23, Photographer, Videographer, and Graphic Designer, Cass Concepts Marketing
    • Sara Milano ’22, Digital Creative Designer, Uniqlo
    • Annie Moore ’22, Graphic Designer, The Home Improvement Guide
    • Madison Richards ’19, Podcasts Marketing & Audience Development Manager, Podglomerate
    • Alexandra Revans ’15, Associate Manager, Marketing, The Guggenheim Museum, NYC
    • Grace McDermott, ’14, Associate Producer, Chobani