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Sports Media Production Spotlight

The sports media production concentration works in partnership with ESPN, to teach Manhattan College communication majors the skills to produce, shoot and edit live sports programming.

Students in this Manhattan sports media program play an integral part in the process of streaming a wide variety of Manhattan Jaspers Division I Intercollegiate athletics events from the ESPN mobile app, and other platforms operated by the global company.Image of Jasper basketball game.

After completing the concentration’s introductory coursework, communication majors in Advanced Sports Media Production are able to produce home Manhattan College basketball games for the sports streaming service, ESPN+, under the supervision of a faculty member, a producer/director and an engineer. 

What Will You Learn? 

After developing the skills to understand sports as a media business, students learn to produce live sports programming in the College’s mobile production unit, as well as how to shoot, interview and edit packages, and how to announce and offer commentary on games. These tools will prove essential for students preparing to work at major media outlets in New York City and across the U.S. 

Manhattan communication majors in this concentration will take five sports media production courses that teach all the equipment, techniques, and discipline necessary to produce sports, that they’ll soon be using at the professional level:

course number course title credits
COMM 225 Introduction to Sports Media 3
COMM 250 Sports Media Performance 3
COMM 310 Sports Media Production 3
COMM 350 Field and Post-production 3
COMM 431/432/433 Advanced Sports Media Production 3

What Will You Do? 

Manhattan communication graduates currently have jobs at CBS Sports, ESPN, NBC Sports, NBC, 60 Minutes, The New York Times, and several other major media outlets in New York City. Careers of interest for communication majors include the following. See each link for more details about job outlook and salaries.