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You will be encouraged to pursue an undergraduate internship to experience what the engineering field is like outside of the classroom. These opportunities are ideal for helping to define career goals and make connections, which often lead to full-time job offers.

Opportunities abound in New York City and the surrounding metro area. Internships can be obtained through the Center for Career Development or through personal outreach. A great starting point is our engineering alumni network, a collection of Jaspers who work at more than 800 companies and agencies around the world, including:

  • Accenture
  • AT&T
  • BGA engineering
  • CBL Data Recovery Technologies
  • Central Hudson Gas and Electric
  • Con Edison
  • Department of Environmental Protection
  • Entergy Nuclear Northwest
  • FDNY
  • IBM
  • ITT Industries
  • Kraft Foods
  • STV Group
  • Thornton Tomasetti
  • Turner Construction
  • U.S. Air Force