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Because we’re smaller than some of our peer institutions, Manhattan College’s School of Engineering is able to offer more personal, one-on-one support to students. Engineering students have access to both academic advising and career advising.

  • Academic Advising

    As an engineering student, your academic advisor can assist you with:

    • Choosing a major
    • Scheduling your classes
    • Picking up a double major or a minor
    • Selecting the right courses for a specific career path

    Advisor Contacts

    First-Year Advisor

    Erica Reubel, Asst. Dean of Engineering
    Leo Hall 201

    Chemical Engineering Advisor

    Sasidhar Varanasi, Ph.D.
    Leo Hall 425

    Civil Engineering Advisor

    Matthew Volovski, Ph.D
    Leo Hall 309

    Computer and Electrical Engineering Advisor

    Robert Mauro, Ph.D.
    Leo Hall 251

    Mechanical Engineering Advisor

    Parisa Saboori, Ph.D.
    RLC 207A
  • Career Advising

    As a School of Engineering student, your career advisor can assist you with:

    • Choosing a major
    • Exploring career paths and job opportunities
    • Landing an internship
    • Joining the Mentor Program

    Career Advisor 

    Leanne McKeown
    Leo Hall 258