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​Mathematics is the science of structure and the art of problem solving. The discipline is at the core of every STEM field, is at the heart of decision making in business, and has applications in all of the liberal arts. Studying mathematics will give you the critical-thinking and analytical skills needed for a career in data science, STEM education, law, finance, and more.

Why Choose Mathematics?

This badge signifies our mathematics program is a stem-designated program.

Students of mathematics develop the ability to break complex problems into small pieces and recognize how techniques developed in one scenario can be applied to others. Mathematics is a universal language for communicating across disciplines, across cultures, and across borders. Those with a mastery of this language are nimble, agile, and able to adapt quickly in our fast-paced world.

Small classes foster collaborative problem solving and knowledge sharing. As a mathematics major, you will become a part of a caring, cohesive, and creative community. You’ll develop strong connections — both with peers and professors. Most students build relationships that last well beyond graduation.  

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The Mathematics program at Manhattan College was instrumental in advancing my career. The program's rigorous approach to problem-solving through proofs taught me how to break down complex problems into manageable parts—a skill I use daily. This, combined with innovative project work, laid a strong foundation for thinking critically and creatively.

Alex Iovine ’14, Director, Global Data Science & Analytics, Microsoft

The Research Experience

Student research is at the heart of the mathematics major.

Our faculty are distinguished scientists and award-winning educators. You will be encouraged to participate in research projects with your professors, many of which are funded experiences. Mathematics students have presented their work at national and international conferences, and several have co-authored peer-reviewed publications with their faculty mentors. Recent student research topics include:

  • Computational Neuroscience
  • Algebraic Theory of Integral Equations
  • Computable Graph Theory
  • Network Theory Analysis of Team Sports
  • Statistical Modeling of NYC Pet Surrender and Adoption Patterns

What Will You Learn?

Majors receive rigorous training in the areas of analysis, linear and abstract algebra, statistics, and mathematical proof-writing. Students have the opportunity to gain experience in applied subjects such as data science, operations research, and mathematical modeling.  They can work closely with mathematics faculty on research projects that prepare them for graduate school as well as successful careers in industry.

Students pursuing the Concentration in Adolescence Education Mathematics or Childhood Education Mathematics take courses that prepare them to pass these skills on confidently to the next generation.

A concentration in applied mathematics and a mathematics minor are available to students in all disciplines who seek to enhance their quantitative and analytical skill set.

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Where Will You Go?

The mathematics major at Manhattan College sets you up for a rewarding career. Our alumni network has created employment pathways at companies including Celonis, ConEd, Microsoft, NYSED, Deloitte, and Berkshire Hathaway. If you’re unsure about your goals, our graduates will introduce you to their careers as data scientists, educators, supply chain engineers, clinical research coordinators, actuaries, and attorneys.

Aiming for an advanced degree? Graduates have earned Masters and Doctoral degrees at top universities including Columbia, Wesleyan, Brandeis, Syracuse, and UC Berkeley. In addition to further study in pure or applied mathematics, our majors prepare students for a broad range of graduate programs, such as statistics, industrial engineering, economics and finance, or law.

  • Alumni Outcomes

    Our mathematics alumni have built successful careers. Here's where a few of them work now:

    • Alex Iovine ’14 Director, Microsoft
    • Greg Zajac ’16, ’17 (M.S.) Director, Celonis Services
    • Ray Maresca, Ph.D.’16,17 (M.S.) Assistant Professor, Bowdoin College
    • Anthony DePinho ’19, 20 (M.S.) Senior Planning Analyst, Con Edison
    • Kaitlyn McGrade 17 Senior Valuation Consultant, Berkshire Hathaway Speciality Insurance