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Computer Science - M.S.

Are you ready to design new computer technologies and apply them to the world’s problems? This Computer Science degree prepares students to tackle all kinds of computational challenges.

Why Choose Computer Science?

This badge signifies our computer science masters program is a stem-designated program.

The Manhattan College graduate program in computer science is designed to develop the in-demand technical skills needed to achieve leadership positions in industry, business, government, or related fields. 

The career-focused curriculum is designed for students interested in studying computer science theoretically and learning the most cutting edge computing techniques and technologies. The program covers four core areas: analysis of algorithms, databases, computer networks, and operating systems, plus an array of electives. At the advanced level, students will learn technical skills in these areas.

Students in this computer science program expand on their knowledge of algorithm design, and utilization of a variety of algorithms in various programming languages.

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*Salary estimate provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

As a student I completed a master’s thesis that focused on discovering the public’s opinion of the COVID-19 pandemic using computer science methods and Twitter data. The results of my thesis proved that web mining and artificial intelligence have real life applications and solutions to a variety of problems in society.

Emelia Hajdarovic ’21 ’22 (M.S.), Mastercard software engineer

Tackle Computational Challenges in a Supportive Community

While pursuing a master’s in computer science at Manhattan College, students may opt to complete either a two-semester master’s thesis for a total of six credits (equivalent to two electives) or a smaller one-semester project for a total of three credits (equivalent to one elective), while working closely with a professor. Once complete, you’ll be eligible to present your results at top-ranked international conferences and will be prepared to pursue a Ph.D. if you wish. 

Students who have chosen to develop a master’s thesis have presented their research findings at such prestigious conferences as the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) World Congress on Computational Intelligence and the IEEE International Conference on Data Stream Mining and Processing, as well as various international conferences on cybersecurity.

Build Valuable Skills

Cultivating skills in specialized subject matter gives you an advantage whether you’re applying to jobs or doctoral programs. Our graduate electives provide the opportunity to explore the areas of modern computing which are most in-demand:

  • Cryptography and security
  • Cybersecurity Lab
  • Cloud computing
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Neural networks and machine learning
  • Data mining
  • Linux kernel programming
  • Image analysis
  • Parallel computing
  • Blockchain technology
  • Find Learning That Matches Your Lifestyle

    The computer science graduate program is offered in either a hybrid mode, which allows a student to take classes both online and in person — or 100% online. With the fully online option, students can complete their degree completely remotely. Note: international students can only take one class online per semester to fulfill a requirement of their visa status. They must primarily complete their coursework in person, and this opportunity is open to them.

    Manhattan College strives to meet you where you are, knowing that you have busy jobs and personal lives. Depending on the number of courses you take each semester, you may complete your degree in two semesters, making it a one year’s master’s program — or you may finish in three to four semesters as a part-time student.

  • Join an Enthusiastic Community

    While you’re hard at work designing algorithms or developing new software, it helps to know that your classmates and your community are here for you. Faculty are invested in your success and you’ll learn different perspectives from your fellow students. Graduates frequently report sentiments like these, from Eric Ciccotelli 21 22 (M.S.), now a software engineer at Google:

    “Not only did I get the opportunity to work closely with faculty members, but I also became great friends with many of my classmates, thanks to the small and tight-knit community that Manhattan College fosters.”

  • Discover Professional Opportunities

    new york city skyline
    Manhattan College is among the top schools in the nation for post-graduate employment and high salaries. While you develop and apply your skills in Python, CSS, and HTML or conduct research for your Master Thesis, you’ll also want to explore the richness of the city itself and numerous internship opportunities. Since the program launched in 2018, graduates have gone on to work for Google, Con Edison, Amazon, Microsoft, and other companies, and have pursued doctoral work. Three of our alumni are members of the advisory board of the Computer Science department.
  • Admission Requirements

     To apply, you will need:

    • Bachelor's degree in computer science from an accredited college or institution. Applicants who possess a degree in a related field may inquire directly with the program director regarding eligibility.
    • GPA average of 3.00 out of 4.0 or equivalent.
    The following documents are required when applying, in addition to a $75 non-refundable application fee.
    • Online application
    • Official Transcript(s)
    • Written statement of interest in the program describing goals and objectives
    • Two letters of recommendation from academic sources who can attest to the mathematical and overall academic ability of the applicant. Manhattan College graduate program directors cannot be used as references for your application.


  • Program Requirements

    The Computer Science program consists of 30 credits. This includes 12 credits of required core courses (Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Databases, Computer Networks, and Operating Systems) and 18 credits of electives (Software Engineering, Cryptography and Security, Cyber Security Lab, Neural Networks and Learning Systems, Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing and Analysis, Cloud Computing and Virtualization, Linux Kernel Programming, Embedded Systems).


  • Browse Department Faculty

    Professor Aizenberg teaching a computer science class
    Our expert faculty are widely published and active in professional associations such as the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM). The computer science faculty will get to know you and help you connect with the research and job opportunities that suit your interests. Fun Fact: One of our own alumni now teaches our undergraduate classes while pursuing a Ph.D.