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Biochemistry is a unique discipline that combines chemistry and biology. In this major, you will be introduced to biological molecules and learn why they are essential for life through coursework and hands-on laboratory components.

Why Choose Biochemistry?

This badge signifies our biochemistry program is a stem-designated program.

Biochemistry is a unique discipline that combines chemistry and biology. In this major you will be introduced to biological molecules and learn why they are essential for life. Biochemists study biological molecules and the chemistry that defines a living organism. You will learn to understand the biochemistry of living through coursework and hands-on laboratory components.


Our faculty are here because they are great teachers and because they love to teach. As a biochemistry major, your courses will be taught by faculty members, never graduate students. And our small class sizes mean that you will really get to know your professors and they will get to know you, and how to best help you succeed.

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Undergraduate Research

As an undergraduate student, you will have the opportunity to do hands-on research directly with a faculty member, an experience that students at larger institutions may not have until graduate school.

Recent research projects include:

  • Water remediation and applications of green synthetic technologies
  • Environmentally friendly synthesis of bio-fuels
  • Synthetic biology and unnatural amino acids
  • Biochemistry of DNA replication and repair

Thanks to expanded research funding, students can also apply to research programs like Jasper Research Scholars or Summer Fellows. 

Additionally, students who are interested in majoring in biochemistry as a springboard into graduate school or a medical career can work with an advisor in the Center for Graduate School and Fellowship Advisement to help clarify their career goals and get guidance on applying to grad school.

What Will You Learn?

Coursework includes an in-depth study of general chemistry, physical chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry and biology. Through your research and classes, you will learn to:

  • design and conduct experiments
  • analyze and interpret data
  • understand the implication of scientific discoveries and their impact on humanity
  • think analytically and independently
  • understand your professional and ethical responsibilities as a scientist

Biochemistry is also offered as a minor.

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What Will You Do?

Biochemistry is an excellent major if you want to attend medical or dental school or any health professional program, where biochemistry is a required part of the post-graduate curriculum. Biochemistry is one of the fastest-growing research fields, so there are career opportunities in a wide range of industries including pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics and biotech.