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Organizational Leadership (Accelerated Program)

The B.S. in Organizational Leadership is a degree completion program that is specifically designed for working professionals who want to finish their college degree. The program is offered in a hybrid format, with traditional face-to-face classes and online coursework.

Why Choose a Bachelor's in Organizational Leadership?

The bachelor's degree program in organizational leadership is offered in accelerated online formats. It is designed to accommodate working professionals who want to obtain a college degree and considers the student's existing personal and professional responsibilities.

Online Track

All course activity is done online with no pre-scheduled sessions.

As a student in the program, you will join a cohort — typically 7-15 individuals with a wide range of experience in diverse industries. You will collaborate with and learn from your peers and advance together as a cohesive team, with support from faculty facilitators.

Whether you are in the classroom, or on your computer, you will have one-on-one time with your professors, who are established professionals in consulting, business communication, coaching, and workforce development. You will get the chance to work on small group projects and computer-based exercises with classmates through the College's engaging digital learning platform.

The Classes

Organizational leadership is interdisciplinary and predominately includes the study of psychology, sociology and management. In addition to completing a thesis project, you will examine topics including:

  • Conflict management & team building
  • Organizational change & ethics
  • Strategic planning
  • Visual communications

The Faculty

Our faculty are established professionals in consulting, business communication and coaching and workforce development. All are highly skilled adult educators bringing real and relevant experience to the classroom.

The Experience

Benefit from the diverse professional backgrounds and perspectives of your peers and your professors. As part of a cohort, you will collaborate with professionals from all over the Greater New York City Metro area. Small classes foster collective problem solving and knowledge sharing.

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What Will You Learn?

You will develop practical skills that are immediately applicable to the workplace, regardless of industry. Hone critical interpersonal skills to manage change and conflict effectively, and learn techniques for motivating individuals and teams.

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Application Requirements

Applicants for SCPS undergraduate program are required to provide the following: 

  • Official high school transcript or GED report and, if applicable, college transcripts. Sealed or official electronic copies of college transcripts should be sent directly to Manhattan College.
  • Current resume demonstrating at least two years of professional experience or comparable competency after completing high school. 
  • Two letters of recommendation. Letters should be written by individuals who can write about your personal and professional qualities, such as a supervisor, colleague, teacher, clergy, or military personnel. In both letters your references should clearly explain their relationship to you.
  • Written personal statement (minimum of 500 words) sharing your educational, professional, and personal goals and a description of how your professional and life experiences make you a good fit for this program. You should also provide examples of how your experiences outside of your education have prepared you to be a student in this School of Continuing and Professional Studies program. 

Prospective applicants can request additional information by completing this form and email with any questions.

What Will You Do?

Employers search for leaders that are skilled communicators and problem solvers. With an advanced degree, you will increase your lifetime earning potential and the likelihood of promotions and other professional opportunities.