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About Us

Build a well-rounded liberal arts foundation and a broad cultural background in English and/or Spanish literatures.  Strengthen your writing skills across a wide range of literature and composition courses, preparing you for diverse career opportunities in fields such as education, law, business, and medicine.  Students are encouraged to participate in study abroad for a semester or a summer term. Manhattan College partners with several educational networks, allowing you to choose from hundreds of study abroad locations worldwide.

Majors & Programs

  • English

    This program explores English language, literature and writing through a range of liberal arts and humanities courses. It provides skills that you can take with you no matter what profession you choose.
  • English (Creative Writing)

    The English major with a creative writing concentration allows students to earn a 33-credit English Bachelor of Arts degree with a creative writing focus. Become well versed in fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction, establishing yourself as a versatile writer.
  • English (minor only)

    To minor in English at Manhattan College is to master an understanding of how cultural production has shaped the world we live in and to put that understanding to work in the world. Learn more about the English minor for business students.
  • Spanish

    Spanish is the most common language in the U.S. after English, and it's the official language in more than 20 countries worldwide. We offer a wide variety of courses that engage with the Spanish-speaking world through literary, film, historical, and cultural studies. Studying Spanish allows you to develop your proficiency in speaking, writing, reading, and listening to be able to apply your skills in a number of career contexts, including business, public service, medicine, law, and entertainment.