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About Us

As a student in the Religion and Philosophy department at Manhattan College, you will develop an interdisciplinary and complete understanding of issues pertaining to peace, philosophy and justice. Philosophy is a skill, practice and set of tools for reflecting about our thinking and building awareness of the ignorances and injustices that shape our world. In addition, you will receive rigorous training in critical thinking, research and practical peacebuilding skills, and gain hands-on learning in the form of internships and community-engaged courses.

Majors & Programs

  • Peace and Justice Studies

    In a world marked by conflict and injustice, a major, double major or minor in Peace and Justice Studies enables students to develop knowledge and skills that can prepare them for careers in nonprofit leadership, social work, public service, law, conflict resolution, faith-based organizing, and international politics. As an interdisciplinary program, students take courses from across the college and are expected to pair what they learn from the classroom with experiences in the community.  Our New York City location, just a few miles away from the United Nations, offers students several opportunities to get directly involved with long standing partners, including local nonprofits in the Bronx and international organizations working for peace and human rights. The program embodies in a special way Manhattan College’s Lasallian commitment to advancing social justice and we are proud to be among the first colleges in the world to offer this as a major.  Many students get directly involved on issues related to peace and non-violence with our Dorothy Day and Holocaust, Genocide and Interfaith Centers.