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Professional Development

Explore new possibilities with learning opportunities that support personal growth and professional development.
  • Self-Paced Programs

    Work at your own pace, from anywhere. Choose from a wide selection of courses that provide training in relevant, in-demand skills such as agile, cybersecurity, leadership, and much more.
  • Certificate in Non-Profit Selling

    This blended learning certificate program helps professionals develop the skills and strategies needed to increase efficiency in achieving their goals in fundraising and enhancing their communications and relationships with donors.
  • Conflict Management

    This program will prepare participants for leadership and everyday roles as business leaders and as family members, when it comes to understanding conflict in the workplace and everyday life situations. The participant will leave with a different set of lenses when viewing what conflict is and how it is identified in various stages.
  • Digital Drawing

    This course seeks a coherent balance between the soulful act of drawing and the chaotic multifaceted world of digital media. 
  • Digital Photography

    The Digital Photography program focuses on the creation of conceptually oriented digital prints through the usage of Photoshop, color management, and ink jet printing.
  • English as a Second Language

    Our two-week ESL and NYC Experience includes 15 hours of classroom English language training and practice per week. English language classes are taught by highly qualified and experienced ESL instructors. Students will visit the Empire State Building, Times Square, the Statue of Liberty and other iconic cityscapes in this program, which offer eye-catching views that make for an overall unforgettable experience, while also improving their English language speaking skills.

  • English For Business Communication

    This course is ideal for business professionals and students who are learning English as a second language, and are looking to improve their communication skills. For three hours per week, we will help prepare you for the job search. You will learn email communication and resume writing, as well as how to write cover letters, memos, summaries, and more. Upon completion, students will create an e-portfolio.
  • Esports and Gamers: The Business and Industry

    This certificate program is designed to explore vital areas of the esports and gamers industry, while helping one grow and develop a role in the virtual industry.
  • Executive Programs

    Our executive programs are designed in one to two week intervals and are targeted for those who aspire to be a business professional and those who currently are one. The Manhattan College Executive Programs prepare you to embrace the risks and opportunities that accompany new leadership roles.
  • Musical Theater Intensive

    The Musical Theater Intensive is a 10-session online program which offers participants an opportunity to interact with Broadway professionals in a synchronous and asynchronous modality.  During the program, participants have an opportunity to engage with professional instructors for ten 90-minute live sessions.
  • Advanced Not For Profit Accounting and Reporting

    In collaboration with the Center for Not-For-Profit Accounting and Financial Management. This 5-session online program (synchronous) covers complex Not-For-Profit accounting and reporting rules. Upon completion of this program, participants will learn the nuanced differences, treatment and reporting of conditional, restricted, and unrestricted contributions and government grants.
  • Not For Profit Financial Management and Reporting

    In collaboration with the Center for Not-For-Profit Accounting and Financial Management. This certificate program provides training in nonprofit financial accounting and management concepts and principles, as well as the many reporting requirements for individuals who work in or with nonprofit organizations. The program covers a wide range of nonprofit accounting, financial and regulatory concepts specific to the operations of nonprofit organizations.

  • TESOL Teacher Practicum

    This program provides aspiring teachers the opportunity to utilize their skills in New York City, and practice alongside experienced teachers with Master's degrees in TESOL and ESL.