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Professional Development

Explore new possibilities with learning opportunities that support personal growth and professional development.
  • Advanced Not For Profit Accounting and Reporting

    In collaboration with the Center for Not-For-Profit Accounting and Financial Management. This 5-session online program (synchronous) covers complex Not-For-Profit accounting and reporting rules. Upon completion of this program, participants will learn the nuanced differences, treatment and reporting of conditional, restricted, and unrestricted contributions and government grants.
  • Agile Project Management

     This certificate program provides managers the basic foundation they need to become competent Agile practitioners. The program introduces the learner to the basic methodologies, practices, and key concepts of Agile. It enables the learner to explore, through case studies, many of the common challenges of working on an Agile team.
  • Business Communications

    This certificate offers instruction on crafting many of the most common business communication formats: memos, reports, brochures, proposals, presentations, catalogs, and websites. Topics include formal and informal outlining techniques, using email appropriately in an organizational setting, and revising wordiness, unnecessary phrases, redundancy, and jargon.
  • Computer Skills for the Office

    Bring your Office skills to a whole new level by diving into a suite set of powerful instructional courses. This certificate program includes Excel, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Visual PowerPoint.
  • Conflict Management

    This program will prepare participants for leadership and everyday roles as business leaders and as family members, when it comes to understanding conflict in the workplace and everyday life situations. The participant will leave with a different set of lenses when viewing what conflict is and how it is identified in various stages.
  • Creativity and Innovation

    This certificate helps you become re-acquainted with your own stores of creativity and innovation. You are given a set of tools that allow you to leverage your creativity to identify and solve organizational problems. One activity asks you how you might look at a problem from a different angle to produce a more creative result; others walk you through the process of using analogies or replacement techniques to invent creative solutions to problems.
  • Cybersecurity

    This certificate offers lessons on the critical elements of protecting data and personally identifiable information from malicious attacks. The program reviews information security and foundational information about key certifications for professionals in the industry.
  • Data Analytics

    This certificate provides an overview of topics in statistics and their applications in a variety of fields. The curse presents the basics of quantitative analysis and its increasing use in today's professional landscape.
  • Digital Marketing

    This certificate is aligned with the Online Marketing Certified Professional (OMCP) standards to ensure that it is comprehensive and relevant. This program covers strategic issues, marketing methods and tactics, industry terminology, and best practices.
  • Emerging Technology for Managers

    This certificate addresses blockchain, artificial intelligence, and robotics. Participants are informed about cryptocurrencies and how blockchain is restoring trust and security in Internet transactions.
  • English as a Second Language

    Our two-week ESL and NYC Experience includes 15 hours of classroom English language training and practice per week. English language classes are taught by highly qualified and experienced ESL instructors. Students will visit the Empire State Building, Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, and other iconic cityscapes in this program, which offer eye-catching views that make for an overall unforgettable experience while also improving their English language speaking skills.

  • English For Business Communication

    This course is ideal for business professionals and students who are learning English as a second language, and are looking to improve their communication skills. For three hours per week, we will help prepare you for the job search. You will learn email communication and resume writing, as well as how to write cover letters, memos, summaries, and more. Upon completion, students will create an e-portfolio.
  • Entrepreneurship

    This online certificate program introduces key issues in entrepreneurship for those looking to start a business on their own. What does it take to build and grow a business from scratch? What personal characteristics are shared by successful entrepreneurs? What types of resources are available to budding entrepreneurs, and where can you find them? 
  • Esports and Gamers: The Business and Industry

    This certificate program is designed to explore vital areas of the esports and gamers industry while helping one grow and develop a role in the virtual industry.
  • Finance Essentials

    This online certificate program introduces non-financial managers to the essentials of finance. The course will help you become conversant in critical financial terminology, and you'll learn how to calculate key financial management indicators.
  • Human Resource Management

    This certificate will teach you the basics of managing the benefits and policies that support effective staff. What does an employer need to know about anti-discrimination regulations? What are the key aspects of pay policies? And how can employers avoid the traps of the employee selection process?
  • Instructional Technologist (IT)

    The Instructional Technologist (IT) competency-based learning pathway covers the fundamental knowledge and skills required to be a successful IT professional. The experience offers the opportunity to engage with both theoretical and practical aspects of working in this field. 
  • Leadership

    Based on D. Quinn Mills' book, Leadership: How to Lead, How to Live, a text used at Harvard Business School, the courses in this suite offer advice on leadership that can help you stand out as a leader among your peers. Video segments introduce Dr. Mills and other leaders who discuss how leaders become leaders, leadership ethics, and the differences between leaders, managers, and administrators.
  • Leadership for Women in Business

    This certificate explores both the social and psychological mechanisms that create challenges that professional women often face. The program introduces key concepts and practices that all successful business people should be familiar with, thereby serving as a general introduction to topics like leadership, management, communication, work-life balance, networking, negotiation, and body language.
  • Learning Architect

    If you are dedicated to improving and enhancing accessible education options for adult learners—and you like the idea of working with team members and faculty to accomplish this—then consider exploring the Learning Architect pathway. Learning architects bring special expertise to the curation and creation of online course materials. The pathway experience is designed to lead you through the steps needed to acquire that expertise.
  • Managing Change and Resolving Conflict

    This certificate covers the key issues and best practices for managers dealing with contentious workplace situations. Each of the seven courses in this suite offers examples, videos from practitioners and experts, interactive games, and review questions to ensure mastery of the material.
  • Musical Theater Intensive

    The Musical Theater Intensive is a 10-session online program which offers participants an opportunity to interact with Broadway professionals in a synchronous and asynchronous modality.  During the program, participants have an opportunity to engage with professional instructors for ten 90-minute live sessions.
  • Negotiation

    This online certificate program helps learners develop the skills and strategies needed to become a successful negotiator. The fundamental concepts of negotiation are addressed and the application of these concepts to the specific areas of Deal Making Negotiation and Dispute Settlement Negotiation.
  • New York City is Your Classroom

    Explore new possibilities with learning opportunities that support personal growth, career preparation, and professional development. Participate in any of our one-week or two-week short programs and meet with experts on finance, law, fashion, architecture, performing arts, musical theater, history, photography experts.
  • Not For Profit Financial Management and Reporting

    In collaboration with the Center for Not-For-Profit Accounting and Financial Management. This certificate program provides training in nonprofit financial accounting and management concepts and principles, as well as the many reporting requirements for individuals who work in or with nonprofit organizations. The program covers a wide range of nonprofit accounting, financial and regulatory concepts specific to the operations of nonprofit organizations.

  • Online Learning

    This certificate offers instruction on the major models, tools, and techniques in creating and delivering online learning. It reviews the fundamentals of general learning theory and how it can be applied, in practice, to online design and instruction.
  • Self-Paced Programs

    Work at your own pace, from anywhere. Choose from a wide selection of courses that provide training in relevant, in-demand skills such as agile, cybersecurity, leadership, and much more.
  • Small Business Management

    Owners of small businesses often play many roles and must have a wide body of knowledge. A small business owner may be required to do any number of varied tasks in a single day, like approve a project plan budget, train a new employee and develop a marketing campaign. This certificate will provide students with a fundamental understanding of the most critical areas in small business management.
  • Sustainable Management

    This certificate covers sustainability topics for businesses. Sustainability refers to the use of ecosystems and their resources to satisfy current needs without compromising the needs or options of future generations. A sustainable business is one that generates profits for its owners, protects the environment, and improves the lives of the people with whom it interacts.

  • TEFL Certificate Program

    Earn an internationally recognized TEFL certificate from Manhattan College and gain experience in the classroom with a two-week practicum in New York City.

  • TESOL Teacher Practicum

    This program provides aspiring teachers the opportunity to utilize their skills in New York City, and practice alongside experienced teachers with Master's degrees in TESOL and ESL.
  • Test Prep Courses

    If you are planning to finish your GED, enter grad school and need an LSAT, MCAT, DAT, GRE, or GMAT, or present specialization licensing exams on AEM/CEM, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, SPHR, OMCA, CompTIA, CGBP, PHR, aPHR, explore our test prep programs to support your professional career.
  • Understanding IRS Form 990 Series

    This intensive three-week course covers Form 990 series returns that are complex, little understood, confusing, or prepared incorrectly. The instructor will share his 30 years of experience preparing these returns.
  • Web Design

    This certificate teaches you the skills you'll need to build a website of your own. Building a website involves a lot more than just writing code. Before you start on that, you need to understand what you want your website to do, how it will look, who you want it to reach, and what message it should send. The first five courses in the suite will introduce you to the basics of designing a functional and attractive site, the HTML and CSS languages you'll need to execute your design, and best practices for designing and building a website that responds intelligently to the needs of users.