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Professional Development

Explore new possibilities with learning opportunities that support your personal growth, career preparation, and professional development.

Our programs promote lifelong learning through a wide selection of courses, workshops, and lectures. Advance your career, learn something new, upskill your abilities, reskill your aptitudes, or pursue a passion.

Whether it be on campus or online, at your own pace, or just-in-time, we offer a variety of choices. Click on the links below to access course information.

View ALSO OUR Professional Programs In Spanish BELOW

Advanced Placement Institute (AP)

Advanced Not For Profit Accounting and Reporting

Agile Project Management 


Business Analysis Introduction

Business Communications 

Career Building

Certified Financial Planner


Computer Applications

Conflict Management 

Creativity and Innovation 

Cybersecurity & CISSP

Data Analytics 

Emergency Management

Emerging Technology for Managers 

English as a Second Language 

English For Business Communication


Esports and Gamers: The Business and Industry 

Finance Essentials 

Human Resource Management 

International Trade

Instructional Technologist (IT)


Leadership for Women in Business 

Learning Architect 


Managing Change and Resolving Conflict 


Musical Theater Intensive 


New York City is Your Classroom 

Not for Profit Management

Not For Profit Financial Management and Reporting 

Online Learning


Personal Enrichment

Project Management

Remote Work

Self-Paced Programs 

Six Sigma & Lean

Small Business Management 

Sustainable Management 

TEFL Certificate Program 

TESOL Teacher Practicum 

Test Prep Courses 

Understanding IRS Form 990 Series

Web Design 

Women in Business

Professional Development (Spanish)

Curso de Blockchain Ethereum Solidity

Curso de HTML5: Fundamentos Web

Curso de Introducción a Bases de Datos y SQL

Curso de Java para no programadores

Curso de Python para no programadores

Curso de Java Standard 11 Web Programming

Curso de Fundamentos de Programación con SQL Server 2021

Curso de Data Analytics & Visualization

Curso de Power BI

Curso de Power BI Avanzado

Curso de Introducción al Marketing Digital

Curso de Marketing de Contenidos y Viralización

Curso de Email Marketing

Curso de Javascript desde cero

Curso de Introducción a la Seguridad Informática