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Human Resources

Our human resources programs provide classes to dedicated professionals seeking to enter the field of human resources. These workshops are developed and instructed by HR leaders who teach fundamental HR skills to strengthen student knowledge of the policies and regulations that can help them to manage and improve employee relations.
  • Career Building

    These career building courses cover critical professional skills to help all workers plan, build, and manage their career path for optimal success, covering skills such as resume writing, interviewing, networking, and managing personal finances.
  • Certificate in Human Resource Management

    This suite of courses will teach you the basics of managing the benefits and policies that support an effective staff.
  • HR Management Courses

    HR is both the glue that holds a business together and the grease that keeps its gears turning smoothly. It is the management of people; caring for their health and safety, managing their financial investment in the company, and fostering their growth within the organization and beyond. The HR Management coursework will give you a well-rounded foundation in the human resource management sector to keep your organization's most valuable assets—its people—working as smoothly as you do.